Can You Use Mr Clean On Hardwood Floors?

Real hardwood floors have an expensive, opulent feel to them that may make you afraid to clean them with anything as cheap as Mr. Clean. But is this gut feeling accurate? Can you use Mr. Clean on hardwood floors?

Use Mr. Clean sparingly and dry cleaning methods on your hardwood floors. It won’t harm the wood and is appropriate for your delicate flooring. To prevent mold or mildew from growing, make sure your floors are fully dry and use minimal water or solution.

I’ll go into the specifics of cleaning hardwood floors down below. I’ll also go over how you can tell if a cleaning agent is secure for your floors.

Can You Use Mr Clean On Hardwood Floors?

Failure to maintain your hardwood floors can have a variety of negative effects. With the improper chemicals, you run the risk of robbing them of their sealing, and rotting them if you don’t dry them properly. Any home would benefit from having stunning, natural hardwood floors. Additionally, they serve as the literal home of a whole family. Wood floors are easily damaged by muddy dog paws, furniture legs that scrape against each other, and the rare shard of glass.

Yes. You may use Mr. Clean on hardwood floors without worrying about damaging them. Your hardwood floors will continue to look brand-new if you use the cleaning solution or the magic eraser tool.

As a result of the elevated level of caution, many people ask if store-brand cleaners such as Mr. Clean are suitable for use on hardwood floors. Given the abundance of upscale, pricey hardwood floor cleaners available online, it is particularly difficult to accept that Mr. Clean is safe for your floors.

You only need water to use the magic eraser, which is an excellent tool for removing any scuff marks left on the floor by furniture or shoes. Simply wet the eraser, then swipe away while applying some elbow grease. When your scuffs are no longer visible, you can inspect the floor to see if it has dried. To dry it, you might alternatively use a towel.

Follow these steps to remove spills, debris, and dust off your floor:

  • Add Mr. Clean to a standard mop.
  • Mop the floor after combining the product with water.
  • Make sure your flooring is dry to the touch and doesn’t absorb any moisture. Less is more in terms of hardwood flooring.

Steps on How to Use Mr Clean On Hardwood

Maintaining the condition of your hardwood floors extends its longevity and enhances the appearance of your entire house. Simply said, clean floors boost the vitality of a whole area, so discover how to clean wooden floors and brighten your home with a few simple steps. Keep in mind that Mr. Clean is your sole option when it comes to floor cleaning products on the market. Because he is, after all, a legend.

  1. Assemble Your Cleaning Kit

Your hardwood floors will shine if you have the right equipment. Collect your preferred mop, a pail of water, and the not-so-secret ingredient: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath with Febreze Lavender Scent. Once your wood floor cleaners are put together, you’re prepared to start cleaning.

  1. Prepare Your Hardwood Floors

Get the kids engaged and ask them to assist you in cleaning up the floors by taking away their toys and rolling up rugs. Make it a contest by timing their rate of learning! After that, thoroughly sweep your hardwood floors to remove any loose dirt.

  1. Create Your Cleaning Solution

Get your cleaning solution prepared now. One gallon of water should be added to your bucket (about halfway full). Add a 1/4 cup of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath and Febreze Lavender Scent to the mixture next. Take your mop and dip it into the mixture. Give your mop a good wringing before you begin cleaning because it’s better for hardwood floors not to get too wet. You are now prepared to revitalize your floors!

  1. Clean Your Floor Powerfully

Use your mop to put a damper on dirt’s celebration as Febreze freshens up musty odors. Push through soil that has become lodged and the youngsters’ little footprints. As you clean, see how your floor changes from a drab, dusty surface to a sparkling surface that brightens the atmosphere of the entire house. You can get your hardwoods to smile by doing that. When you have a hidden weapon that can handle practically any mess, hardwood floors don’t have to be difficult to clean. And Mr. Clean is the man behind that secret weapon.

How to Try Dry Cleaning Methods For Your Hardwood Floors

Have you been wondering how you could try dry cleaning methods for your hardwood floors?

The NWFA advises dust washing your floors and using a dry or damp towel to wipe up any spills. Hardwood flooring may sustain damage after extended exposure to standing water. They often advise using a suitable hardwood cleaning solution only once a month to avoid subjecting your hardwood floor to excessive exposure to the elements. That is obviously impossible for people who have pets or young children. 

As much as possible, it is advised to clean up spills with a dry cloth before switching to a damp mop or cloth. Alkaline agents, ammonia, and natural cures like vinegar and lemon juice are advised against while cleaning hardwood floors since prolonged exposure might harm the surface. Additionally, furniture sprays, oils, and waxes must to be avoided. Simply utilizing water, a recognized cleaning agent, or water with a little soap are the recommendations of experts.

Hardwood floors often require refinishing every few years in addition to routine upkeep like cleaning, dusting, and mopping. Being attentive with your cleaning procedures can ensure the durability of the use of your hardwood floors in your home because they are a lovely and occasionally pricey investment.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Mr. Clean

On hardwood floors, Mr. Clean can be utilized, but use the proper kind. So, how can you use Mr Clean in cleaning hardwood floors?

You should use a magic eraser or the magic eraser solution as it is always advised by experts. Antibacterial and multipurpose cleaners include chemicals that can harm your floor. Make sure your Mr. Clean proportions are accurate. To clean your hardwood floors, you should use as little water as possible. 

Your hardwood floors’ lifespan can be extended by sparingly using water, or better yet, by initially attempting to wipe up any spills with simply a rag or broom.

Although Mr. Clean is okay to use on your hardwood floors, think about obtaining the solution that your installer recommended. The products suggested by various hardwood companies could differ, and they are typically not particularly expensive. Even the more expensive options assist you in putting off the need for a new floor for a while.

What Should You Use to Clean Your Hardwood Floors?

As was already said, using Mr. Clean on your floors is safe. But is it the most effective cleaning method?

Your hardwood floors should be cleaned using dry cleaning techniques and the solution that your installer advised. In a pinch, a little soap and water will also work. As prolonged exposure to water might harm your floors, the majority of cleaning should be done without water.

Your hardwood floor may be cleaned quickly and easily with sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting. Dry cleaning products need to be able to solve the majority of problems.

We occasionally drop objects that become sticky or make messes that can only be cleaned up with a small amount of liquid. In this situation, you want to track down the cleaning solution recommended by your hardwood floor installation or a hardwood floor specialist. Once more, Mr. Clean’s official website advises cleaning floors with a small amount of their magic eraser solution.

Your priorities for adopting greener items in your house are another crucial issue to take into account. Choosing environmentally friendly hardwood floor solutions is a smart move if you want to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your products. Lemon and vinegar are a typical home remedy for flooring, but prolonged contact to either one might harm your floor. The refinishing of your hardwood floors should be planned for every few years as well.

Best Mr Clean Solution

  1. Mr Clean 77131 45 Oz Summer Citrus Scent Cleaner

Mr Clean 77131 45 oz. Summer Citrus Scent Cleaner cuts through grease to get rid of dirt and leaves behind a light, fresh scent while it works. Use it to remove grime from tile, flooring, toilets, and bathtubs. This all-purpose cleaner is excellent for siding, outdoor doors, and other exterior surfaces. 

With this all-purpose cleaner, you get a rapid clean and a wonderful aroma that are almost as pleasant as the time it saves you. Mr. Clean is ideal for daily usage because it works on a variety of surfaces. The smaller bottle can be used sanitizing counters, while the larger container can be used to sterilize mop buckets.


  • A multipurpose, antibacterial cleaner that smells good.
  • Use it to get rid of smells and clear up grime.
  • It works well for cleaning laminate floors.


  • Expensive


Mr. Clean is safe to use whenever you want to clean hardwood floors. Mr. Clean isn’t the best cleaning product to keep your hardwood floors clear of messes, though. In actuality, there isn’t a single cleaning product that works best for flooring.

Make frequent use of a broom, vacuum, or dust cloths to remove debris from your flooring. Use water and a safe cleaning solution that does not include ammonia anytime you need a little help.

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