Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors? Find Out!

Without a doubt, installing wood flooring is a costly endeavor. A home with children and dogs makes it practically impossible to prevent scratches. Mineral spirits, liquefied and sweetened petroleum gases, Dimethicone, and Cyclotetrasiloxane are components of Old English. Can you use Old English on wood floors?

On every surface, including wooden floors, you can use Old English scratch coverings. Since more than a century ago, it has been used to fix nicks and scratches on wood furniture, laminate flooring, and engineered hardwood floors to restore their original beauty.

Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?

This solution serves a variety of purposes, including repairing scratched surfaces on cabinets, wood floors, paneling, and other wood furniture. Old English goods have a lengthy shelf life. It will take some time before you can apply another layer after the first one. In this way, you get value for your money. So, can you use old English on wood floors?

To hide any nicks and scratches on your wood floor, apply an Old English scratch cover. The product is advised for a number of reasons. Your wood floor and wooden furniture, including chairs and tables, are covered by the substance to disguise unsightly scratches. Along with hiding the nicks and scratches, the nick and scratch cover adds an oil-nourishing layer to your wood furniture or floor. Additionally, it conditions it, giving a spotless and lovely shining surface.

Eliminating nicks and scratches lowers the chance of skin damage, clothing abrasion, and any other concerns related to rough surfaces. You sell a product that can be used on both light and dark woods. Given that the polish is formed of oil, it gives your wood flooring a layer of protection. Your wood flooring will consequently be less vulnerable to water and moisture damage. Furthermore, it stops grime from sticking to your surface.

Applying Old English scratch protection to your wooden floor makes maintaining it simple. Utilizing this solution will add a restorative touch to your surface because it will make it appear fresh and bright. Old English is therefore the most appropriate language to use on old and worn-out wood flooring.

Your hardwood surfaces are significantly simpler to clean. This is so that Old English can shield your surface from stains. The polish prevents stains from penetrating the wood. It is also possible to use the Old English polish on any kind of wood. To choose the appropriate type of polish, all you need to know is the type of wood that was used for your surface.

How Do You Clean a Centenary Parquet?

Wood flooring known as parquet is created by positioning tiny wood slats in distinct, recurring patterns. The majority of contemporary parquet comes in tile form, with the wood slats attached to a backing material, as opposed to traditional parquet floors, which were put one piece at a time. How do you clean a centenary parquet?

Use only cleaning agents designated for parquet. Avoid strong chemicals, vinegar, and ammonia. Spray some wood cleaner directly onto the floor, then dry it up with a dry cloth. Whenever you have a poor finish, don’t forget to use white alcohol.

What Does Old English Do To Wood?

On all surfaces, including wooden floors, Old English scratch coverings can be applied. But, what does old English do to wood?

Since more than a century ago, it has been used to repair and conceal cracks and scratches in parquet and laminate floors as well as on all wood furniture to restore its original beauty. Using the Old English scratch and nick cover, damaged wood surfaces are repaired and given a new, opulent, and beautiful appearance. 

Additionally, because the polish is made of oil, it protects your wood from being harmed by dampness and water. For instance, Old English Wood Polish Aerosol features a shield that helps screen your wood against stains and other watermarks aside from crayon and wax. 

It’s also important to note that Old English polish is available in a variety of hues and fragrances, including lemon, citrus, and almond. You may also be wondering if Old English Wood Polish shields the wooden surfaces in your home.

Does Old English Protect Wood?

Old English does not produce many floor cleaners, despite having a reputation for high-quality wood-care products. One of the few Old English floor cleaners on the market is Old English Wood Floor Cleaning Concentrate. The FloorMate SpinScrub hard-surface cleaner from Hoover is intended to be used in conjunction with this product. Does Old English protect wood?

The good news is that Old English polish not only cleans but also shields your wooden surfaces. Old English prevents stains from penetrating into the wood, protecting your surface from all types of stains. It gets rid of stains and keeps your wood from splitting. In addition, it leaves a pleasant aroma on your wooden floor. Consider using lemon oil if you want to apply it on unpainted surfaces.

How Can I Clean Hardwood Floors With Old English?

Let’s look at some ways you can use Old English polish to clean the hardwood floors in your home now that you’ve seen what it does to the wood. How can I clean hardwood floors with Old English?

Use a soft, dry, clean rag that can absorb oil to apply the oil polish. Make sure to start applying with the wood’s grain and use a light layer. After around 30 seconds, remove any extra oil with a cloth. With the aid of another piece of cloth, you can polish once more to produce a clear, deep, and rich brilliance. Prior to wiping it dry once more to eliminate any remaining thick wax, give the polish 20 minutes to dry.

Remember that if the area that has to be cleaned is particularly dirty, you can also combine lemon oil with other floor cleaners. The main benefit of using lemon oil to clean floors is that it will remove very tenacious grime, enhancing the effectiveness of the cleaner. The following advice may be very helpful to you if you plan on doing the Old English polish yourself.

  • Utilizing a wood cleaner to initially clean the surface and get rid of any particles is necessary.
  • To remove the scratch, rub the area along the grain of the wood using steel wool or sandpaper.
  • Buff out the nick: This aids in removing a thin layer of paint from the affected region, so eradicating any damage and scratches. The finished product is a painted, smooth surface that gives your wood surface its former luxurious appearance.
  • Converge the edges: You can think about applying a pumice and mineral oil mixture to your wood scratches to remove them. Rub the mixture into the scarred area with a fine sandpaper. Use a dry, clean piece of cloth to wipe it down.
  • Employ a wax stick: This will enable you to eliminate scratches by applying wax to them.
  • The region you have been working on should be buff. This implies that you must rub it to smooth it out or make it shine.
  • You might be wondering whether you can use an Old English scratch cover to stain your wooden floor now that you know how to apply one.

Does Old English stain wood?

Always keep in mind that you can use Old English Scratch Cover on dark wood instead of stain. Does Old English stain wood?

Yes. Using Old English on a wooden floor causes it to seep into the dried wood. It scrapes dirt using an oil-based substance. You’ll see that applying Old English seals the wood to provide the appearance of varnish.

Your wood floor will retain its natural beauty with Old English wood polish before and after applying Old English cover. It will also be protected from moisture, stains, and scratches while hiding pet scratches.

Best Old English Product For Wood Floors

  1. Old English Scratch Cover

An all-purpose product called Old English Scratch Cover is used to restore scratched surfaces including cabinets, wood flooring, paneling, and other wood furnishings. It is long lasting. It will take some time before you can apply another layer after the first one. In this way, you get value for your money.Given the affordable pricing, you will receive value for your money.

Using Old English wood scratch cover, it is simple to repair the damaged wood’s appearance. It has a portable design that makes carrying it simple. Contains a solution that is effective on both light and dark woods. The ancient English scratch cover aids in reviving the wood’s appearance. It has a portable design that makes carrying it simple. It has a perfume that gives the surrounding area and the wood furniture a fresher feel.


  • It is simple to restore the appearance of the damaged wood with Old English wood scratch cover.
  • It features a small size that makes it simple to carry
  • Using a recipe that is effective on both light and dark woods


  • It’s possibly too oily


Without a doubt, you require the Old English Scratch Cover to shield your wooden floor from unsightly nicks and scratches. On plywood flooring, a scratch cover like this can actually improve the performance of your wood floor.

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