Can You Wash Halo Bassinest Mattress

Have you got a Halo Bassinest mattress? Do you want to know if can you wash halo bassinest mattress? Or would you like to know how to properly clean Halo Bassinest? Just relax; this is the article for you. Your baby will spend a lot of time in her halo bassinest, which she will use until she is about 15 months old.

Because the newborn immune system is still developing, it is critical to keep your baby’s halo bassinet clean at all times to protect him or her from germs and dust. Though I am not an expert at cleaning them, I am confident in saying that I have a good understanding of how to use and clean them.

If you’re wondering if I sought professional assistance, the answer is no. I did everything by myself, and they’re fairly simple. I’ll go over some important practical steps to take to ensure that your Halo bassinest is properly cleaned and maintains its quality.

Can You Wash Halo Bassinest Mattress?

I’ve heard and seen several mothers ask if they can wash their halo bassinest mattress. So, can you wash halo bassinest mattress?

Yes, you can. When you notice dirt buildup on your Halo bassinest mattress, take the time to thoroughly clean it.

However, there are a few things you should do to ensure you deal with both visible and unseen dirt. When can one clean their halo bassinest?

While some parents recommend washing baby’s linens once or twice a week. The amount of your Halo bassinest’s body is significantly less. Plan a deep cleaning once a month, as well as additional cleanings whenever there is visible soiling or after your baby has recovered from a recent illness. Striking the right balance is really up to you.

How To Clean Halo Bassinest Mattress

Cleaning the mattress can be difficult because it is not machine washable. But just because it’s difficult to clean doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You simply need to determine which of the methods listed below will work best for you. Remember, there could be others, but these are the ones I tried and worked on.

Wipe down the mattress with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning solution. To remove stubborn stains, apply more pressure while rubbing. Wipe it down with a wet cloth and allow it to air dry before reusing the mattress. You can also sun dry or steam dry.

Tea tree oil can also be diluted in clean water. Spray some on a small cotton ball and dab it on the bassinet mattress. Wipe it down with a damp cloth. Allow it to dry completely.

Another option is to spray some alcohol on the stain before wiping it down with a clean cloth dampened with mild soap and water. Rinse the cloth and then use it to clean the mattress. Deodorize with the steamer.

If a bassinet mattress becomes stained, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Allowing the stain to sit for too long may cause it to become permanent.

How To Clean Halo Bassinest Sheet

The sheet on the Halo bassinest is relatively simple to clean. It all depends really on how dirty it is. But don’t worry; it’s separable, so you can get rid of any dirt or stains.

There are two methods for cleaning the sheet. For starters, you can machine wash it as usual or hand wash it for a thorough cleaning. However, because the sheet is almost always in contact with your baby, it also collects all the dirt, pee, and other bodily fluids.

As a result, I recommend soaking it for a few minutes before washing to ensure proper deep cleaning. This is done to ensure that any stubborn stains are removed. To disinfect the sheet, add 40% to 70% alcohol to the final rinse. Alternatively, spray it on the surface before it dries.

Never use any abrasive or harsh materials. Even if the stain is stubborn, do not use strong bleach. These may irritate and cause skin irritation in your baby (Dermatitis). You may also damage the sheet materials if you use bleach on them.

How To Deal With Stubborn Stains?

Stains that have been sitting for a long time may take some time to remove. If soaking it in warm water and detergent doesn’t do the trick, here are some other options.

While the sheet is still dry, apply a liquid laundry detergent to the affected area and soak it in cool water for 15 minutes. If the stain persists, use half a cup of white vinegar instead of pure water. After that, soak the sheet for at least 15 minutes.

It is best not to use white vinegar on milk stains, including those on your baby’s clothes, because they will turn brown. Believe me, I ruined a lot of my baby’s white clothes as a result of it.

Use any baby-safe powdered soaking solution mixed with cold water instead. Allow the Bassinest sheet to soak for at least 15 minutes. If you’re using formula milk, it’s best to rub the stained area with a wet cloth soaked in liquid laundry detergent.

Scrape off any oil or cream stains on the Halo bassinest sheet before soaking or washing it. Then, use baby powder to absorb the oil. Allow for 10 minutes before washing or soaking as usual. This one can be done with a white vinegar mixture.

Before washing or soaking, remove any poop stains from the surface. A mixture of powdered soaking solution or laundry detergent and water will suffice. Wash as usual after soaking.

How To Clean Halo Bassinest Mesh

Because Halo bassinest mesh is not machine washable, cleaning it is similar to cleaning the mattress. There are, however, several methods to choose from.

You can pour some warm water into a citrus solution and then onto a clean cloth. Wipe down the entire mesh. To remove stains, rub the spotted area on the cloth in a circular motion with more pressure until the stain is removed.

The second method is recommended for stains on the mesh that are difficult to remove. Begin by making a paste with baking soda and warm water. Apply the paste to the stain in a circular motion. Clean with a damp cloth.

Best Halo Bassinest 

  1. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Do you intend to keep your baby in your room for a while? The Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is one of the flagship products of HALO, a company that believes that safe sleep and innovation do not have to be mutually exclusive. For a long time, this has been one of our favorite bedside bassinet options for newborn sleep during the “fourth trimester.” We particularly like the fact that it allows for “almost bed-sharing.” The Bassinest was the first co-sleeping product to simulate the presence of a baby in your bed without actually bed-sharing. It truly is the best of both worlds.

When you set it up, you adjust the height to fit just over the top of your bed (see below), and the swivel arm allows the bassinet to encroach into your bed space — all while keeping the baby in a safe sleep area. The swivel arm also makes it very easy to push away, allowing you to easily get in and out of bed. Other co-sleeping products, such as the original Arm’s Reach co-sleepers, are attached to your bed and require mom to scoot down to the end of the bed to get out, which is inconvenient (if not downright painful) when you’re recovering from childbirth.


  • A good night’s sleeper
  • The base adjusts to fit beds ranging in height from 24″ to 34″
  • The mesh sides allow you to see your baby clearly, which is always reassuring.


  • Expensive

Best Halo Bassinest Mattress

  1. HALO DreamWeave Breathable BassiNest Replacement Pad

When it comes to bedtime, the HALO DreamWeave Breathable BassiNest Replacement Pad is like a breath of fresh air. The 3D mesh quilted cover is designed for maximum airflow and is breathable from cover to core, while the core is made of safe, food grade polymer surrounded by air pockets. The envelope design ensures a safe and secure fit during use. Core is free of foam, latex, springs, glue, and flame retardants. The cover is machine washable, and the core can be rinsed in the shower. Upgrade the pad that comes with the HALO BassiNest Swivel or Glide Sleeper. It is suitable for use with or without a BassiNest sheet. Standard size crib mattresses are also available.


  • The formula is hypoallergenic and gentle on the baby’s skin.
  • Breathable from cover to core for better sleep
  • Design with maximum airflow for safer and more comfortable sleep


  • Expensive


The main points to remember when learning how to clean the Halo Bassinest are: don’t use bleaches or abrasive materials, don’t machine wash the mattress or the mesh, don’t let stains sit for too long, and remember that different stains require different cleaning solutions.

We hope this article has given you some useful information on how to clean Halo bassinest properly and without stress. As a parent, you should be aware that anything your baby touches or uses must be germ-free because their immune system is still developing, making them susceptible to illness.

Please let us know if you have any additional tips or suggestions for cleaning Halo bassinest. Also, please share this article with any parents who are looking for a way to clean their Halo bassinet.

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