How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker

How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker – Ice makers can be one of the most convenient appliances in your home, but if yours gets dirty too

How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker

frequently, you’ll find yourself with more headaches than you ever intended to have.
Luckily, it’s not all that difficult to clean your Frigidaire ice maker. We’ll walk you through the entire
process below.


What is a Frigidaire Ice Maker?

An ice maker is a machine that produces fresh, clean ice for use in food service establishments or for
other personal purposes.
There are two main types of machines: compressor-driven and direct-drive machines. Direct-drive
machines are considered higher quality because they produce more ice with less energy. This style of
machine is most commonly used in commercial settings.
Compressor-driven ice makers use regular tap water to make a brine solution, which is then passed
through a heat exchanger and turned into vapor as it travels through copper tubing.
Why Do You Need to Clean Your Ice Maker?
If you don’t clean your ice maker regularly, mold and bacteria can build up inside it.
Not only is that gross and unsanitary, but it can actually impact how well your ice maker makes ice.
Keeping things clean also helps prevent leaks that can lead to bigger issues down the road.
You should clean your ice maker at least once a week—depending on how often you use it—to keep
everything in top working order.


How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker

If you have been looking for how you can clean your frigidaire ice maker, the below instructions will put
you through.

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1) Turn off the water supply
Before you do anything else, turn off your water supply. Shutting off your water supply is an important
step that can save you a lot of hassle in case something goes wrong when you’re cleaning your ice maker.

The water line connects directly to your home’s main shutoff valve and can be easily turned off with just a
single twist of a large, threaded valve handle.

2) Remove The Ice Bin and Dump Any Existing Ice Cubes in the Trash
The ice maker is composed of two main parts: the dispenser and the maker. If you’re simply trying to
clean the outside of your ice maker, or if there are only a few minor buildups in your bin, you can take
care of these tasks without completely disassembling the appliance.
All that’s required is a warm washcloth or sponge and some mild dish soap.
Simply wipe down any dirt or buildup on your machine with hot water and soap, then rinse off any
residue before replacing it back into its spot on your countertop.

Wipe down all surfaces around your ice maker.: Now that you’ve cleaned out your ice maker itself, give
some attention to any other areas around it.
Even though they may not be as dirty as they once were, they still need a good cleaning every now and
again—especially if they come into contact with lots of different foods while being used.

3) Remove the Drain Hose From The Sink.
Reach into the refrigerator and unplug the ice maker. Remove the wire hanger to release the drain hose
from the sink, and remove any ice that is in the tubing.

Allow any excess water to flow out of the hose before reattaching it to the sink’s drain opening. Put an
empty bucket under your ice maker: Before you begin cleaning your machine, place an empty bucket
underneath it.

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This will catch any overflow from the machine during use and make cleanup easier afterward.
Use caution when handling sharp edges on some parts of your ice maker—especially if they are made of
plastic or metal—as these can be dangerous to clean. Disassemble as needed: If there are any small pieces
or pieces with intricate designs on them (such as flower petals), take apart those sections so that they can
be cleaned individually.


4) Use a soft cloth to wipe down the inside of the ice maker with warm,
soapy water.
The first step is getting your hands on some warm, soapy water. Just fill a bucket with warm water and
add a squirt of dish soap. If you have one handy, it’s also a good idea to grab an old toothbrush as
well—you can use it for scrubbing at any hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Next, make sure that all of your ice trays are empty before moving on to cleaning them. You don’t want to
clean while there are still chunks of ice in place. When you’re ready, put on a pair of rubber gloves and
get started!

5) Replace the ice bin and plug the ice maker back into the power outlet.
If you have removed your ice bin, replace it and plug your machine back into an electrical outlet. You
should hear water running within a few minutes.
This indicates that your ice maker is working properly. If you do not hear any water flowing, check to
make sure all of your connections are secure.

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Tips for Keeping Your Ice Maker Clean

How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker

Keeping your ice maker clean is important in ensuring you can always access ice and water. Luckily,
cleaning it is relatively easy—you just need to make sure that you regularly remove all of your ice trays
so they can adequately air dry and clean out any excess buildup with a little vinegar, baking soda, or white

With just a little care, your Frigidaire Ice Maker will be ready for any occasion.
And never run your ice maker empty! If you’re going on vacation, fill up a few buckets with water and
place them in your Frigidaire Ice Maker before leaving.
When you return, simply dump them into your ice bin to give it back their full capacity.
Also, if you live in a hard-water area, it might be worth using distilled water in your ice maker; while
minerals won’t build up inside of it as they would inside of a coffee pot or humidifier, hard water can
leave stains around the opening where ice enters and exits.

By using distilled water instead (or running vinegar through it once every couple of months), you can
avoid those unsightly spots from forming.


How Often Should You Clean It?

In general, ice makers should be cleaned every two weeks (or at least once a month) in order to keep them
running smoothly. Every month, unplug your fridge and open up your freezer so that you can access your
ice maker and clean it out.


So there you have it, our guide to how to clean a Frigidaire ice maker. Once you have been able to follow
this guide perfectly, you are ready to have a lasting sparkling Frigidaire Ice Maker


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