Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download

Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android – Are you looking for Depraved Awakening Apk Latest Version Mod Apk for Android?

Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android


Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android

Do you want to get Depraved Awakening for your Windows PC, Android, or iOS device?

If you enjoy high-resolution role-playing games like Treasure of Nadia, Bad Bobby Saga, or other high-resolution games, you will undoubtedly enjoy Depraved Awakening.

Depraved Awakening is a Visual Novel that can be played as a game on a Windows PC or on a smartphone, allowing you to explore the novel’s amazing story.

The game is packed with incredible action sequences, thriller scenes, romantic scenes, and much more, and each scene is designed to make you want to play the next mission and learn more about the game’s plot.

When it comes to the game’s best features, there are two that I particularly enjoy:

The graphics are the first consideration. If you’ve ever played Summertime Saga or any other Visual Novel game, you’ll notice that the graphics are good, but not realistic, and instead look more like anime graphics.

However, the graphics in this game have been designed in such a way that they appear super realistic and small details can be seen clearly.

The story is the second most amazing aspect of Depraved Awakening that sets it apart from other role-playing visual novels.

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The plot of the game is distinct from that of all other role-playing games.

If you’re tired of playing the same story in every game, you should try this one because it’s different from the rest.

The best part is that Depraved Awakening is playable on any device with low specifications.

Simply download the game for your device type: if you want to play it on a Windows PC, click the Windows download button; if you want to play it on an Android smartphone, click the Download for Android device button.

After successfully downloading the game, proceed to the installation instructions at the bottom of this page.


Depraved Awakening Apk Game Features

Before you download the game, make sure to read through the top features section below, where we’ve listed some of the game’s best features.

  • Graphics with high-resolution.
    There are many role-playing visual novels available, but the graphics in this game stand out from the rest. Even if you play the game on a low-resolution device, you will be able to play it in high-resolution without any lag or frame issues. If you’ve ever played a role-playing game, you should download this one as well, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.
  • A new scene has been added.
    As you may know, this is a visual novel game, so there are a variety of scenes to choose from. Each scene is distinct and distinct from the others, and I’m confident you won’t get bored while playing the new Depraved Awakening missions. All of the scenes in this game were created in such a way that each one looks completely different and unique from the one before it.
  • The game is simple to control.
    Controlling the game’s characters and moving from one location to another is very simple. If you don’t like games with complicated controls, rest assured that the game’s controls are straightforward and simple to use. There are extra buttons added to the bottom of the screen that you can use to use cheats, Skip, Auto, and more.
  • Minimum Requirement is Low
    Now you might be thinking that because this game has high-resolution graphics, a large number of different and unique scenes, and other features, the game’s size must be large, but rest assured, it is not. The game’s total size is under 2.5 GB, so you can play it on your Android device even if it has low specifications. However, in order to avoid future lag or bug issues, make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements listed in the table below.
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Depraved Awakening Apk Game Screenshot

  • Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android
  • Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android
  • Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android
  • Depraved Awakening Apk Game Download for Android

Depraved Awakening Apk Game Information

Version v1.0
Size 2.2 GB
Downloads 10M+
Released on 05-Nov-2010
Updated on 24-Aug-2021
Offered by PhillyGames

Depraved Awakening Apk Game Requirement

Specs Android Windows
Space 1.5 GB 1.5 GB
Processer Mali, Adreno,
i3, i5 or
Device Android Windows


Download Depraved Awakening Apk Game


How do I get the game Depraved Awakening?

Well, the downloading procedure is quite simple; all you have to do is follow the steps below and download the game that is compatible with your device.

To download game,

  1. On this page, click the Download button.
  2. Please be patient while the download link is created.
  3. Click the link once it has been generated.
  4. The game will now begin to download to your device.


How do I install the game Depraved Awakening?

There are a few steps to installing the game on your Android device, and they are all listed below. Simply follow them to install the game.


To install the game on Android, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Download folder in the file manager.
  2. After selecting the apk file,
  3. click the install button.
  4. Wait for the game to finish installing.
  5. Following the installation procedure.
  6. Start the game and have fun.


To install on Windows,

  1. Open the file manager and look for the downloaded file.
  2. “Extract Here” by right-clicking on the file.
  3. Click the extracted file to open it.
  4. After that, double-click the Application file.
  5. Have fun with it.
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How do I fix Depraved Awakening Apk on my PC or Mac?


There are a lot of MOD features in this game, and you can only access them if you use a patch file. If you don’t have one, you can download one from our website and install it on your game.

To install the Patch file, follow the steps below.

PC: Unzip the mod and place the “game” folder inside the “DepravedAwakening-1.0-pc” folder.

Unzip the mod, then right-click your DepravedAwakening app and select “Show Package Contents.” Open the folders “Contents” and “Resources” -> Drag the “game” folder from the mod to the “autorun” folder while holding the Option key -> Click merge

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