Harem Hotel Apk Game Download

Harem Hotel Apk Game App Download – for free, download Harem Hotel Apk For Android is available . The Harem Hotel, which you have inherited, is home to eight lovely ladies!

You must upgrade your hotel, make friends with them, follow their stories, and coach them.


Harem Hotel Apk Game App Download

Harem Hotel contains hundreds of fully animated and uncensored raunchy scenes, numerous costumes, hundreds of events, over 750 unique images, and over 20,850 upcoming images.

Harem Hotel Apk Game App Download


Harem Hotel Apk Characters

  1. Linda – A dwarf maid who had just been hired by the hotel before inheriting her. Lynn is always striving to provide her master with the best service possible!
  2. KaliD – She’s a nerdy girl who her father dropped off at your hotel without much fanfare. You might be the one who keeps her happy. If she is unemployed, she will do anything to make money in Harem Hotel Apk.
  3. Ashley – Her parents simply evicted her from the house. She is a university student. She is eager to discover things she has never experienced before now that she is finally free of them.
  4. Maria – Ashley’s friend and fellow college student. She enjoys flaunting herself, especially in public. She will do anything for some attention.
  5. Your Android phone or tablet – Your granddad created the project, and he was present before you joined the hotel. It’s yours now! You can name it and give it useful commands if you want. Buy parts and upgrades to unlock some exciting events.
  6. Emma and Felicity – Cheerleaders, brawlers, and clones Felicity is in charge everywhere she goes, and Emma follows her…
  7. The season of autumn – When she was born, she contaminated her body with sin. It was painfully obvious, despite her best efforts. She will only make her corruption sweeter if she is ignorant and embarrassed by everything lewd.
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About Harem Hotel Apk Game App

Want to get the most recent version of the Harem Hotel game for Windows and other platforms?

Harem Hotel is a free role-playing game that the developer receives donations from players in order for the game developer of Harem Hotel to continue making upcoming stories and updates.

The Harem Hotel game’s plot revolves around a young beautiful girl whose grandfather recently died.

After his grandfather dies, she is given the responsibility of carrying on all of the work in his grandfather’s hotel.

because she inherited her grandfather’s hotel, where everything appears to be in order but is not.

The main character, whose role will be played by the players, will meet a diverse cast of characters in the Harem Hotel, each with their own unique storylines and amazing skills.

Lin, Kai, Ashley, Maria, Android, Felicity & Emm, and Autumn are some of the game’s amazing female characters.

All of these characters play different roles in the game and have a fantastic storyline with animation.

Every day, a large number of people visit the harem hotel in the game, and all of the amazing girls in the game provide amazing service to the customers.

The player can visit the harem hotel as a customer and gain experience with the services provided by the female game character.


features of Harem Hotel Apk Game App

  • 18 Stunning and Detailed Characters
    There are a total of 18 wonderful characters in the game, each with their own storyline.The female plot are very emotional, such as “Kali,” a female character in the game who was ejected by her father from home . Now Kali has located the Harem Hotel and has reserved a room there. Ashley is another character; she is a college student who is homeless and refuses to tell anyone about her problems. But not long after that, he’s secured a room in your harem hotel. The Harem Hotel game now has a total of 18 unique characters, and the story is the same across all platforms.
  • Hours of Content
    The game’s total size is 9.81 gigabytes (9.81 GB), which means that there is a lot of content to enjoy. The developer claims that the game has more than 12 hours of content, but that number could be doubled or even tripled if we include additional content such as the stories of other characters. All of this content is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac devices, and the player will have the same experience and total gameplay hours across all of them.
  • Over 900 Special Events
    The developer game developer has stated on the official page of the harem hotel that there are over 900 unique events. This means that each event will provide the player with a unique experience while playing the game. All of these events feature incredible missions with unique characters and plots. The total hours of the storyline contain more than 24 hours, as I mentioned earlier in this post. The good news is that the game already contains all of the event files, so you won’t need any additional files to play and experience all of these unique events.
  • 28,300 high-resolution photos
  • The Harem Hotel game is made up of 28,300 high-quality images that are all similar and can be used on a variety of devices. Players can see all of the small details created by the game developer because the developer has illustrated the images one by one. All of these minor details contribute significantly to the player’s enjoyment of the game. The player will see animations with sound in some of the main missions; all of these animations make the game more enjoyable and improve the gameplay significantly.
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Harem Hotel Apk Game App Screenshot



Harem Hotel Apk Game App Information

Version v1.0.5
Size 1.23 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 14-Jan-2022
Offered by Remtairy


 Download Harem Hotel Apk Game App







How to Download get the files for Harem Hotel?

The process of downloading the Harem Hotel game is fairly simple, and the user is not required to register on any website or pay to do so.

The user can download game files according to their device type from our website by following the steps outlined below.

To Download the Apk for Harem Hotel,

  1. To begin, select the appropriate download button for your device.
  2. Wait for the link to be generated.
  3. Click the download link once it has been generated.
  4. The game begins to download after you click the link.


How to Play Harem Hotel?

After downloading the game files, the user can play it by following a few simple steps. The process of installing the game on Windows differs from that of installing the game on Android devices.


Install Harem Hotel on your computer.

  1. On PC, open zip fiextractor app (WinRAR) or File Explorer.
  2. Right-click the file then select Extract Here .
  3. After extracting the file, open it and harem the hotel application file.
  4. When you double-click the harem hotel application file, the game will begin to run.
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Installing Harem Hotel on Android.

  1. On your Android device, open any file manager app.
  2. Now go to the download folder or the location where the game file was saved.
  3. Select the game apk and then the install option.
  4. While the game is being installed, don’t press  back key.
  5. Open and play the game once it has been installed.

What is the Harem Hotel’s total size?

After compressing the game file to a zip file, the latest version of the Harem Hotel game for Windows PC is 19.7 GB (19.7 Gigabyte), down from 9.81 GB (9.81 Gigabyte).

Another highly compressed version of the game Harem Hotel is available, with a file size of only 2.89 GB (2.89 gigabytes). In this version, all of the game’s images are compressed, lowering the game’s graphic quality.

If users do not have enough space on their devices, they can download and play the highly compressed version of the game.


Is Harem Hotel available to download and play for free?

Harem Hotel is an open-source game that users can download for free from the game developer’s official Itch.io page, which is Harem Hotel.

On Harem Hotels’ official Itch.io page, users can donate money to the game developers via credit or card PayPal.


What company created the Harem Hotel Game?

A visual novel game, RooneyGames created Harem Hotel, . The game’s status on Itch.io is “still in the making,” which means the developer wants to add new characters and content to the game.

A new version of the Harem Hotel game for all devices is expected in the coming months.


Is Harem Hotel Apk Game playable without the internet ?

Harem Hotel is an offline game that does not require internet access to play. Once the user downloads and installs the game on their device, they can play it without needing to connect to the internet.



Harem Hotel is an amazing game with a lot of gameplay time. I hope this post has helped you download Harem Hotel 14 for Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

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