How To Clean A Wii Lens Without Kit

For those Wiis that, after inserting a game, display the horrible “Press the EJECT Button” error, Lens cleaning kits are available to fix it. These items cost about 10 USD on Amazon; therefore, you might want to save that cash for something else.

To begin cleaning a Wii lens, loosen the four screws on the back of the cover. The lens should then be cleaned using a soft cloth. Make sure to keep liquids out of the console.

How To Clean Wii Lens At Home

Please be advised that while we have tested this before, it isn’t necessarily as safe as the authorized Wii lens cleaner and may even cause your Wii lens to perform worse. After then, your games wouldn’t operate without a hitch (in Gecko and on the Wii Menu). I won’t stop you if you feel brave enough to do it. How do you do? What you’ll need is as follows:

  • Carton. It must be able to fit into the Wii disc drive and thick enough so that it won’t bend easily.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue Sticks.
  • Scotch.
  • Coton.
  • 90°C for alcohol.
  • A pen.
  • A DVD.

Therefore, first, obtain your container. To get the DVD’s outlines, place the DVD on it and trace it again on the carton. Trace a rectangle on the DVD’s system to become “glued.” It must have enough length to protrude from the Wii Driver.

Try to recreate the rectangle in the previous image. Using super glue, you will attach a thin but slightly thick piece of cotton within that rectangle. Scotch should be added all around the piece of cotton to ensure it won’t fall into the driver, but leave a small area in the center uncoated.

After that, place a tiny bit of alcohol in the center of the cotton. Prepare yourself; we’re going to put this in the Wii.

Once it is in the Wii, slide the rectangle that protrudes only about 3/4 of an inch 10 to 20 times up and down. When you’re finished, press the EJECT button and retrieve your carton fragment.

That’s it! You’re finished. Try inserting a game if you’ve followed the instructions in this tutorial. If it reads, congratulations.

How To Clean Wii Game Disc

How To Clean A Wii Lens Without Kit

How can a gaming disc be repaired? When you take the game disc out to play it, the “read” side of the disc has a huge scratch running through it. When you insert the game into your console, nothing happens. The game disc’s scratch or scratches are preventing the system from reading it. The game is, therefore, unavailable to you. How can the scratched game be quickly fixed so you can play it? You can repair your scratched game disc with the help of the many methods and tricks listed below.

1. Use A Lint-free Cloth With Rubbing Alcohol

On the disc’s “read” side, apply a little amount. Using soft, gentle pressure, rub outward from the center. Till the scratch is gone or less noticeable, gently rub outward. Avoid rubbing too vigorously, or you risk further harm to the game. Check to check if the disc functioned after cleaning and drying it. If needed, make this approach again.

2. Using Toothpaste

Apply a tiny dab of gritty toothpaste. The toothpaste’s texture can be light abrasive to clear dents from the disc. Get your finger wet before using the toothpaste technique. Apply toothpaste to the ding on the disc and wipe slowly. Use a constant outward, straight-line motion to complete this, internal to external. The toothpaste can cause additional scrapes if you rub it in broad circular motions.

So, never rub in circles or from left to right; always massage from inside to outside or outside to inside. Spend about a minute massaging the paste. Put the disc under the faucet and completely rinse the scratch after 60 seconds of rubbing it.

Dry it with a soft, lint-free clothfollowing a wash. If this doesn’t work, try inserting the game disc into your console to see if that helps. If needed, make this approach again.

3. Banana Method

Use a peeled and cut-in-half banana for the third method. Apply half the banana to the disc, scratch and gently rub it in from the inside out. Do this repeatedly. Once the disc has been covered with the banana, rinse it with warm water to eliminate any leftover banana. The disc should play on your console after being thoroughly dried. If needed, make this approach again.

 4. Use Scratch Remover

Avoid using a scratch fixer by buying a small disc indentation remover device designed to clean and gently wipe your game disc to fix a scratch. Online retailers offer this affordable equipment at low prices. So far, you have the equipment to clean the disc and remove the scratch; this is a wise investment.

5. Petroleum Jelly Technique

Apply a small amount of something like Vaseline to the scratch. Give it a minute to sit. Then, using a straight line from inside to outside, try rubbing the Vaseline off the disc. Take out as much jelly as you can.

To test whether the jelly procedure was successful, ensure the disc is clean, dried, and inserted into the console. If needed, make this approach again.

How To Clean The Exterior Of The Wii

Your strategy should be based on the degree of soiling. Generally speaking, the outside shell prevents the interior from becoming dusty or dirty, and cleaning it is a matter of taste. Just wipe the plastic with a gentle, cotton, lint-free cloth. Your white Wii may become more gray as time goes on due to dust and skin oils accumulation.

If it’s dirtier, I’m not interested in finding out what you’ve been doing with your unit. However, before you clean the Wii’s exterior, softly dampen the same cotton cloth. Keep in mind that water and technology don’t get along, so be very careful to avoid any interfaces.

The Best Way to Assemble a Wii Back Again?

Starting now, you can assemble everything in reverse. First, separate the front and back panels by removing the screws. The front panel can be detached and set aside when those have been removed. To separate the top and bottom panels, remove the screws next. The bottom panel can now be removed and set aside by raising it.

Before tightening the ports on the new Wii console into position, ensure they are aligned with the ports on the old one.

How Can I Replace The Wii’s Lens?

How To Clean A Wii Lens Without Kit

You can modify your Wii’s lens in a few different ways. A lens cleaning kit can be used as one method. This set includes a tiny brush and a cleaning agent. An alcohol-dipped cotton swab is another option.

With the brush or swab, gently clean the lens. Avoid scratching the lens at all costs. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner is another option to swap the Wii’s lens. Holding the vacuum cleaner close to the lens, set it to the lowest.

How Do You Open A Wii To Clean The lens?

While cleaning a Wii lens can be tedious, it can be completed quickly and efficiently with the right tools and enough patience. Here is a tutorial on properly cleaning a Wii lens, along with some advice on how to do so without harming your console.

  • To clean the Wii’s lens, you normally need to open the console.
  • Unscrew the screws located at the console’s top and bottom.
  • The console can be opened by gently pulling up on it.
  • Seek out and detach the lens cover.
  • Use a dry erase pen, rubbing alcohol, or a cloth to clean the lens.
  • Insert and tighten the lens cover.

How Frequently Must I Clean The Wii Lens?

Cleaning the Wii’s laser lens can maintain a sharp image during gameplay. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Pull off the two options on either side of the battery cover for the console by using a pry bar.
  • Remove the power cord from the laser lens by lifting up the cover.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to polish the lens’ exterior surface. Dust, filth, and fingerprints should all be cleaned off.
  • If required, thoroughly clean the lens using a computer eyeglass lens cleaner. Only use gentle soap and water when cleaning the lens; anything more potent could harm it.
  • Reassemble everything in reverse order, starting with the battery cover and power cord.


When your Wii lens breaks and you don’t know how to fix it, it can be really annoying. This post will demonstrate the ideal method for wiping a Wii lens and avoiding further issues. To fully understand what to do in an emergency, read the entire article.

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