How To Clean Auger On Pit Boss Vertical Smoker? Secrets Revealed!

It’s possible that every weekend, you regularly make use of your Pit Boss to cook hamburgers, chicken, and a Boston butt. You might have noticed the black gunk on the grates and the ash pile up and wondered how to clean the auger on pit boss vertical smoker.

In this article, you’ll be getting acquainted with some of the basic steps for how to clean the auger on pit boss vertical smoker. I hope my suggestions and tactics help you thoroughly clean the auger on your smoker.

How to Clean Auger on Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

Step 1: Unplug the smoker

Before you begin cleaning, unplug your smoker.

Step 2: Empty your smoker

Remove all interior components from your smoker, including racks, pans, and support brackets.

Step 3: Clean the interior parts

  • To avoid grease, wear gloves.
  • Using a scraper or spatula, remove the grease from the drip pan. Remove all thick layers of grease from the water pan with a scraper. Remove the heat baffle. Inside the smoker, vacuum with soapy water.
  • Solution to keep on hand: To begin, prepare a solution in the sink. Fill the sink with warm water. Add a few drops of dish soap and degreaser to the water.
  • Soak the following parts in water: In the sink, place the grates, water pan, support brackets, grease tray, and drip pan.
  • Let’s Submerge the parts in water for 30 minutes. Allow it to soak in the solution for 30 minutes so that all of the grease softens and becomes easy to clean.
  • Scrub: Using a scrub pad, scrub all of the parts one by one.
  • Clean all parts with water: After thoroughly scrubbing clean with clean water.
  • Allow all parts to dry before placing them in the smoker.

Step 4: Glass cleaning

  • Remove the glass: Wearing gloves, remove the door.
  • Spray degreaser on the smoker’s door glass, making sure to cover both sides.
  • Wait for a moment: You should wait for a moment for the degreaser to dissolve.
  • Wipe off: Now you must scrub the door glass with a scrub pad. Wipe down the grease with a paper towel.
  • Scrape the down portion: Using a scraper, scrape the metal portion of the door. Using a paper towel, clean up any spills.
  • Use clean water to wash: Take a small towel that has been soaked in water. Squeeze and wipe away all the messes.
  • Allow to dry: Allow the water to completely dry.

Step 5: Interior cleaning

  • Spray degreaser: Now, spray a Pit Boss degreaser inside the smoker. You will thoroughly spray the side or wall of the smoker.
  • Wait for a while: Allow it to dissolve in the grease for a few minutes.
  • Wipe the degreaser: Using a paper towel, wipe the inside of the smoker. You will also wipe the smoker’s walls and bottom.

Step 6: Exterior cleaning: 

  • Scrape the top of the smoker: Using a scraper, scrape all around the chimney.
  • Spray degreaser: Now, spray degreaser wherever you scraped and leave for a few minutes. Remove all oily residue with a pad. Remove all the grease, using a paper towel.
  • Take off the chimney cap: Remove the chimney cap as follows: Degreaser should be sprayed inside the cape and left for a minute. Brush or rub beneath the cap. Remove all the grease, using a paper towel.
  • Remove the smokestack or chimney: Remove the chimney by unscrewing the nuts. Remove the grease by scraping or rubbing the inside and outside of the smokestack. Degreaser should be sprayed inside and outside of the chimney. Allow the spray to dissolve.
  • Leave for a while: You can now wipe with a paper towel.
  • Wipe with warm soapy water: Soak a small towel in the soapy water. Squeeze the towel and wipe all of the smoker’s exterior surfaces except the electric part.
  • Some people spray degreaser on the surface and scrub with a scrubber.

Step 7: Replace all the components

  • You must now keep all of the components inside the smoker.

How to Shut Down a Pit Boss Vertical Smoker?

I’ll go over some of the fundamental steps for turning off a Pit Boss Vertical Smoker.

Set your smoker’s door to close and the temperature to 350°F. Pit Boss recommends running it for 5 to 10 minutes to go through a “cleaning phase.” If the foods are particularly oily, let it run for 15 to 20 minutes.

After you’ve completed this process, reduce the temperature to 200°F and wait 5 minutes for it to cool. When you press and hold the “Power” button, the unit will begin its automated cool-down cycle. The remaining steps are automated, and the smoker will turn off once the cycle is complete.

Why Won’t My Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Heat Up?

Is your pit boss vertical smoker having a little trouble heating up? Would you like to understand the reason for that?

This happens when the burn pot does not get enough oxygen to reach or maintain the proper temperature. You can solve this problem on your own by checking this method. Check the burn pot, the air intake, and the fan for any obstructions. If the burn pot has holes or is badly rusted, it should be replaced. Check that the fan is also in working order.

The pellets may also be the source of the issue. Look inside the hopper if more pellets are required. If the pellets are wet to the touch or appear to be damaged in any way, replace them. Wiping the temperature probe with a moist cloth will also allow you to inspect it. Check the P setting to ensure it is set to the required level.

Can I Leave My Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Outside?

Is it possible for you to leave your pit boss vertical smoker outside?

Yes, you certainly can. However, if you want your smoker to last, you should not leave it outside unattended.

Although electronics are included, they must be well sealed and shielded from the elements, usually in the area of the pellet hopper.

How to Remove Pellets From a Pit Boss Vertical Smoker?

I’ll go over some of the steps for removing pellets from a Pit Boss Vertical smoker.

Obtain the bucket. Be prepared to use more than one bucket for a 45-pound hopper. Keep your bucket underneath the small door at the bottom of the smoker’s back.

Allow the pellets to fall into the bucket by opening the door. Shake your smoker gently to release more pellets. After that, close the door and screw it back up.

How To Prevent Moisture From Getting In The Auger?

Moisture can wreak havoc on a grill. When the pellets inside the grill come into contact with moisture, they swell and clog the auger. 

A high-quality waterproof cover on top of your grill is an excellent way to avoid this. As a result, you can leave the grill outside without fear of water or moisture damage.

Aside from direct moisture, humidity can also have an impact on the performance of this component. This is due to the wood pellets in the hopper absorbing moisture and swelling. This makes them more difficult to transfer through the auger. As a result, some of the pellets become trapped in the crevices and completely clog the auger.

Best Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

  1. CUE WAY K-1 Vertical Pellet Smoker

This model’s three-layered design allows for more even smoking of your food. The charcoals will be in the bottom layer. The first two layers are designated for smoking meat, vegetables, or other ingredients. This allows for maximum working space within the model’s interior. Unfortunately, there have been reports from customers claiming that this pellet smoker is wobbly due to design flaws. For example, the brand failed to thread one of the nuts on a model properly.

Despite its enormous inner capacity, this model is extremely portable. It’s small enough to take almost anywhere with you. It is only 37 inches tall. This also means that it will be simple to store when not in use, which is great news for anyone who is limited on space. This model has a 14.5-inch diameter. It is designed for easy temperature control, making it more user-friendly. This is due in part to the built-in thermometer, which sits on the lid for easy access. There are also six air vents.


  • Dishwasher-friendly rack
  • A model with multiple functions


  • It could be a little shaky.
  1. PIT BOSS PBV3P1 Vertical Pellet Smoker

Keeping an eye on internal temperatures while smoking food has never been easier than with this model. You’ll notice a digital LED readout, eliminating the stress of using a manual option. There is no room for speculation. Aside from that, it has an integrated meat probe for temperature monitoring. Unfortunately, customers have reported that the instructions that come with this model are difficult to follow. If you’re not comfortable with assembly, this could make it a nightmare.

The porcelain-coated cooking grids on this vertical pellet smoker. This assists them in maintaining an even temperature by efficiently conducting heat. They’re also extremely simple to clean. You will have 901 square inches of interior cooking space. It also has a porcelain-coated water and heat deflector to help you achieve the best smoking conditions possible. Aside from that, you’ll get an auto-start and auto-shutdown feature.


  • LED digital readout
  • Meat probe integrated
  • Completely programmable


  • Instructions may be perplexing.


A pit boss auger that isn’t working isn’t a big deal. You only need to figure out where the problem is coming from. The majority of the time, the problem is caused by a clogged auger. Wet and old pellets become stuck on the auger, preventing it from rotating.

This problem should be completely resolved if the auger is properly cleaned. If this is the case, the issue could be with the auger motor or the main power supply. Sometimes the problem is with the auger motor pin.

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