How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors with a matte finish, you must already be aware of its beauty and sophistication. You should also have noticed that in order to keep them looking beautiful, they must be cleaned on a regular basis just like any other type of flooring. But, one thing you should know is that not all floors are cleaned in the same way. You need to specifically learn how to clean matte finish hardwoods floors.

Before cleaning, it’s critical to understand the various floor finishes so that you can guarantee a high-quality job when it’s time for upkeep. We will address frequently asked questions concerning how to clean matte finish hardwood floors and offer you some product reviews.

What Are the Tips on How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors?

Simple lifestyle modifications are significantly more effective than hard work in maintaining your matte finish hardwood floor. For instance, you should take the following measures if you plan to install matte finish hardwood floors in your house.

Take your shoes off. As your grandma did, enact a rigorous no-shoes-in-the-house policy. Hard-soled boots and other comparable types of footwear can scratch, scrape, and gouge surfaces while sneakers can scuff. Although some homeowners claim there is no problem with wearing shoes on their hardwood floors, it’s always best to be cautious than sorry.

Outside and inside, place doormats. Every door leading to a space with hardwood floors should have a designated foot-wiping station on either side of it. By doing this, you may significantly reduce the amount of dust, filth, and residue that gets on your floors, which will save you a lot of hassle when it comes time to clean them once a week.

Use furniture protectors. In homes with hardwood floors, furniture pads are always a good idea, but they are a necessity if there are a lot of large, hefty antiques present. These convenient stick-ons go directly to the undersides of furniture legs, providing a cushioned buffer that significantly lessens the impact of persistent direct pressure.

Matte-finished hardwood floors frequently have the unjustified reputation of being difficult to clean, but following the aforementioned tips can significantly reduce the difficulty of ordinary cleaning. You can make sure that your matte finish hardwood floors last for decades, just as they were meant to, by taking the proper care and using a little common sense.

How Do You Clean and Shine Hardwood Floors Naturally?

Let’s say you want to know how to clean matte-finished hardwood floors without using specialised solutions that are full of chemicals. 

The solution in that scenario is startlingly straightforward: simply mop them with warm water once a week or so. Really, all it takes is a fast sweep with a moist mop to get rid of the kind of dust, filth, and bacteria that can detract from their beauty and speed up degradation.

It is advised that you use a non-abrasive microfiber mop for this task. In contrast to coarser materials, microfiber is both strong and incredibly delicate on hardwood and flooring finishes, so it won’t leave scratches.

It’s important to stress that your mop should be only slightly damp, not drenched. Otherwise, the surplus water might find its way between and beneath the floorboards, where it could eventually cause rot or mold.

What Should You Know About Matte Finishes?

A hardwood floor that has been cleaned and polished will have a shiny appearance. Some cleaned and polished hardwood floors have an almost damp appearance. They’re well recognized for having this look, and it costs a lot of money to get it. Why are matte-finish hardwood floors so popular right now? 

There are several of them. They go well with a rustic design theme and are safe for children and pets. Simply put, a floor’s shine is how much light it reflects. In comparison to a satin finish, a high-gloss finish will reflect more light. The floor does not reflect as much light when it is scuffed, though. These scuffs will be highly noticeable. In a similar vein, dirt and dust don’t reflect light as much. 

Therefore, dust or filth will stand out on a glossy floor. Even more people will notice it if the floor is dark. You are aware of how quickly a floor can become dirty if you have children or pets. You must regularly clean a floor if you have children or pets and wish to keep it shiny. You can also select a matte finish as an alternative.

The rustic style is reminiscent of previous construction, particularly that of the working class. Rough-hewn wood, hammered steel, and tarnished brass are examples of rustic design. A glossy floor doesn’t really blend with that appearance. Glossy floors are a luxury that few people could afford in the past. They might have had hardwood floors, though. If they did, the floors were probably made of wood with a matte finish.

How to Remove Stain From Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for an amazing way to get rid of stains from your hard wood flooring?

If mopping with simple water isn’t cutting it, boost your cleaning power by including a small bit of liquid dish soap. You only need a few drops; more won’t be necessary. Dish soaps contain ingredients known as detergents and surfactants, both of which are excellent at dissolving tenacious stain-causing materials like dirt and oil. 

Since they are so efficient, they almost entirely eliminate the need for sophisticated floor cleaners, which can be costly and potentially disastrous if they are not designed for your specific finish.

Choose a mild soap without harsh chemicals like chlorine, formaldehyde, or ammonia and one with a pH that is neutral. These harmful compounds have the potential to wear away your finish and damage the underlying wood past the point of restoration over time.

If you use enough little soap, you shouldn’t have to worry about ugly spotting or filming, but if the thought makes you uneasy, ask the manufacturer or installer of your flooring what kind of floor cleaner they recommend.

What Is a Matte Finish on Hardwood Floors?

What does a matte hardwood floor finish mean?

Wood flooring with a matte surface has a modest appearance that is drab and understated. Instead of reflecting light to create a glossy, eye-catching shine like satin finishes do, matte finishes seal and safeguard the wood while preserving its distinct aesthetic and textural qualities.

As a result, they’re a great option for traditional, rustic, and farmhouse-style houses as well as pretty much any area that could use a little natural beauty.

How Often Should You Clean and Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Are you curious to know how often you should be cleaning and vacuuming your hardwood floors?

Aim to mop or spot-clean your hardwood floor once a week, or at the absolute least once every two weeks.

Vacuum heavily used areas in between more thorough cleanings to gather any loose dirt. Vacuuming should be a big part of your daily cleaning routine because it’s probably the best approach to stop issues before they start.

However, keep in mind that hardwood can be fatally damaged by standard vacuum cleaners. A vacuum made especially for hardwood floors is a smart purchase if you’re concerned about extending the life of your matte flooring.

Instead of the typical stiff-bristled “beater bar” agitators found on the majority of regular vacuums, these vacuums are equipped with soft microfiber pads. You can be confident they won’t cause more harm than good as a result.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

  1. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer may be the finest option for a single solution that can clean and restore hardwood floors. It uses micro-filling technology on scratches and helps stop the formation of new scratches. It is made for high-traffic areas.

This nontoxic solution emits no hazardous odors, which is important in households with kids and pets who are notoriously rough on flooring. The no-rinse product is time and energy efficient and was created to be safe for the entire family. Hardwood floors look gleaming and brand-new only 30 minutes after application.


  • repairs and polishes
  • Easy to administer
  • Likewise eliminates scratches


  • Use only on completed, sealed, or waxed floors.
  1. Quick Shine Multi Surface Floor Finish

The expense of maintaining hardwood floors might be high, but Quick Shine Multi Surface Floor Finish makes it more affordable. It also functions on laminate, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), tile, and stone flooring in addition to hardwoods. It is created without potentially dangerous components like aluminum, ammonia, formaldehyde, scent, parabens, phthalates, and gluten and is designated as a “Safer Choice” product by the US EPA.

This polish, which comes in a huge 64-ounce bottle, fills in small scratches on the wood and adds a protective coating, making it a good option for busy households and high-traffic locations. Users must first clean their floors before applying it because it won’t clean the flooring.


  • Recognized safer choice; better for children, pets, and the environment
  • Shiny surface
  • Speedy drying


  • Prior to usage, the floor must be dusted and cleaned.
  1. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish, High Gloss

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish can smooth out the surface of once-glossy floors that are starting to look a little drab.

By covering tiny scratches, it restores flooring. by adding a layer of protection against pets, heels, or furniture. All wood floors coated with polyurethane but not waxed or oiled are safe to use. It has a component that prevents the development of undesirable elements including mold, bacteria, and mildew.

This product is low VOC, Greenguard certified, free of parabens and phthalates, and it doesn’t contain either of those substances. After an hour, the floors are suitable for walking in socks, and 24 hours is required for the polish to fully cure. The floor space should be measured before beginning because one bottle only covers 500 square feet.


  • Certified by Greenguard
  • Stops the development of bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Fills in tiny nicks


  • After use, a floor cannot be covered with polyurethane.


To preserve the finish on your matte-finished hardwood floors, you must frequently clean them. When cleaning your floors, use the proper cleaners and waxes, and take care not to get wax residue on any of the furniture or appliances in the space. These pointers can help you maintain the stunning appearance of your matte-finished hardwood floors for many years to come.

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