How To Clean Velvet Hangers? Do This Now!

Velvet hangers are delicate and should be washed with caution. Velvet is a fabric made of silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers (learn more about velvet here). While silk and cotton are biodegradable, velvet is not because of the synthetic fibers used. Are you curious to know how to clean velvet hangers? 

Fill a sink or bucket with cool water and a small amount of mild detergent before washing a velvet hanger. Swish the water around to make suds before immersing the hanger in the soapy water. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before scrubbing any dirt or dust off the hanger with your hands. Rinse the hanger under cool running water until all the suds are gone, then hang it to dry.

Are Velvet Hangers Bad for the Environment?

As previously stated, velvet hangers are typically made of plastic.

Nowadays, velvet is rarely made from pure silk. It is frequently made of plastic. While synthetic fabrics use less water and land than natural materials such as cotton, they are not biodegradable. Furthermore, synthetic fabrics containing plastic necessitate the use of fossil fuels, which are associated with emissions and environmental damage.

Typically, clothes are not displayed on velvet hangers in clothing stores. They are commonly found on wire or plastic hangers. When it comes to shopping, hangers are essentially a one-time-use item. Approximately 85% of hangers manufactured may end up in landfills.

So, instead of purchasing new hangers, ask stores if you can keep the hangers your clothing was on and reuse them. Even though velvet hangers are aesthetically pleasing, their production of them consumes resources.

Are Velvet Hangers Recyclable?

Are you curious to know if it was possible to recycle velvet hangers?

Velvet hangers cannot be recycled. The velvet is stuck to the plastic and cannot be removed. If you were successful in separating the velvet and plastic hanger without damaging either, the velvet is not recyclable.

Plastic hangers are difficult to recycle in the United States because they are typically made of various types of plastic. Meanwhile, a UK initiative to recycle hangers is only accepting standard plastic hangers.

Even if the hangers are made entirely of polystyrene, this plastic is not widely recycled in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

How To Clean Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are ideal for long-lasting hangers that reduce waste, but the way these hangers are typically manufactured can be problematic. How can you clean velvet hangers?

To help loosen any dirt or debris on your velvet hanger, swish the clothes around in the water. Fill a sink or basin halfway with warm water and a pinch of detergent. Take the clothes off the hangers. Hand-washing velvet hangers are recommended to avoid material damage.

When washing velvet hangers, avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents as these may damage the material. Scrub the hanger gently with mild soap and cool water. Allow the hanger to air dry after thoroughly rinsing it to remove all of the soap.

Are Velvet Hangers Reusable?

Would you like to get a velvet hanger but want to know if it is reusable?

Yes, velvet hangers can be reused numerous times. Velvet hangers may be more durable than wire hangers because they do not bend out of shape. As a result, velvet hangers will have a longer lifespan. Even if they end up in landfills, they may be disposed of more slowly than plastic or wire hangers.

The disadvantage, when compared to wooden hangers or even plain plastic hangers, is that they can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Some people may decide to replace their hangers if they believe the dust is transferring onto their clothing. Dust your hangers on a regular basis to ensure that they last as long as possible. The interior plastic is also not biodegradable. Velvet can also contain nylon or polyester, which are not biodegradable.

Although rayon is a man-made plant-based material that is biodegradable in its pure form, separating rayon from non-biodegradable materials in velvet hangers would be difficult. Because it is extremely rare to find velvet made entirely of natural materials, it is generally considered a synthetic material that is not biodegradable. Even if you did find natural velvet, the production of synthetic dyes can pollute the air and water.

Are Velvet Hangers Sustainable?

Are you planning to get velvet hangers but would like to know if they are a sustainable option for you?

Velvet hangers are not environmentally friendly. Silk is regarded as a long-lasting fabric. It is a natural, renewable resource that biodegrades. Velvet used to be made entirely of silk, but nowadays it is mostly made of synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. 

Unlike polyester and nylon, rayon is still plant-based despite being man-made because it is made from cellulose from wood pulp or other plants. Plastic and synthetic fabrics are not environmentally friendly. Plastic is a limited resource because it is derived from petroleum. Emissions are produced both during the extraction of oil and during the manufacturing of plastic.

Having said that, if you already own velvet hangers, the most environmentally friendly thing you can do is keep them rather than purchasing a new, seemingly eco-friendly product. Most green products still require resources and energy to manufacture, whereas your old hangers may end up in landfills.

Just, which may be too delicate for some. Bioplastic hangers are another environmentally friendly option to use instead of a velvet hanger. In the right conditions, bioplastic hangers degrade. Bioplastics also emit fewer greenhouse gases than traditional plastics. However, use caution when dealing with bioplastics because not every city will have the infrastructure to break them down, and some may even cause more pollution.

Are Velvet Hangers Better Than Wood Hangers?

On the one hand, wood is a natural resource that is renewable and biodegradable, whereas plastics and velvet are synthetic materials, with plastic derived from petroleum. So, are velvet hangers better than wood hangers?

Wood is a more environmentally friendly material than plastic and velvet. However, wooden hangers are not significantly greener than velvet hangers. They cannot be recycled because the wood is almost always varnished. 

Wood stains based on solvents have also been linked to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds can pollute the environment and harm one’s health. Wooden hangers are more durable than velvet hangers because they do not bend or break as easily. Because they will not bend or snap, wooden hangers have a longer life cycle than velvet hangers, wire hangers, and plastic hangers.

Best Velvet Hangers

  1. CRESNEL Velvet Hangers 50 Pack

CRESNEL’s low-cost hangers are made of non-shedding grey velvet fabric. The ergonomic design keeps clothing in shape, and the notched shoulders keep shirts and delicate fabrics from slipping. Each hanger has a small accessory bar for tying ties, scarves, belts, or necklaces. The bar increases the hanger’s strength.

The hangers have a swivel hook that rotates 360 degrees and is plated in gleaming, rust-resistant chrome. Underneath the velvet is a strong plastic that can be bent almost in half without snapping. These hangers can support up to 12 pounds of weight due to their sturdy construction. This 50-piece set is available in a classic grey color. You could fill an entire closet for a reasonable price with 50 hangers.


  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is ergonomically designed.
  • It is light in weight.


  • Expensive
  1. MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers Non Slip Suit Hangers

MIZGI’s velvet hanger set has a U-shaped, rounded shoulder design. The deeper shoulder contour keeps shoulder bumps at bay. To fill out broad suit shoulders, each hanger is 17.9 inches long. The entire hanger is covered in velvet, including the nonslip trouser bar. The bar can be used to store suit pants and other accessories that go with the suit jacket.

This set of 50 hangers is great for storing everything from suits to silk. Each hanger also has corner hooks for other items such as tank tops and strappy dresses. The broad shape also keeps wide-necked shirts and dresses from slipping. Each hanger can hold up to 18 pounds and has a 360-degree swivel chrome hook that will not detach or snap under heavy weight. This set is available in a variety of fun colors as well as black.


  • It is light in weight.
  • It is strong and long-lasting.
  • They do not take up much room.


  • Expensive


Velvet hangers are delicate garments that should be washed with care. Fill a sink or bucket with cool water and a small amount of gentle detergent to wash velvet hangers. Soak the hangers for a few minutes, then thoroughly rinse them with cool water. Place the hangers on a towel to absorb any excess moisture before allowing them to air dry.

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