How To Get Candle Wax Off Laminate Floor

With the correct equipment, you can perfect your skills on how to get candle wax off laminate floor. Despite the widespread belief that you cannot remove candle wax off your laminate floor, this is untrue. The only thing you should know is that you need to remove the wax as soon as possible because it will be challenging to do so later.

Additionally, the wax from candles with deeper colors may stain your floors due to the pigments they contain. You should strive to remove the wax as soon as you can to minimize the damage. So, in this article I will be revealing some cost-efficient methods on how to get candle wax off laminate floor.

What Are the Tips to Know Before Removing Candle Wax From Laminate Floors?

You may take a few steps to help make sure your laminate floor remains spotless.

Avoid scrubbing the floor in an erratic fashion. Move in a straight line from top to bottom. By doing this, the wax won’t spread and create a hole. Although it would appear simple and efficient to use ammonia to remove wax from laminate floors, it is not. Protective sealants on laminate flooring can be removed using ammonia.

These cleaning chemicals are overly aggressive and risk damaging the floor’s surface. If you want to preserve the laminate finish, stay away from utilizing them. A white cloth should be used for mopping. The laminate floor might be damaged when a colored cloth becomes wet and releases color.

Your floor should be swept or vacuumed once a week to avoid a buildup of dirt and debris. Even though it is advertised as “scratch-resistant,” all hard flooring is susceptible to scuffing; little grit particles even have the potential to damage laminate. Use a soft brush because the standard floor brushes’ harsh bristles can eventually harm your floors.

To avoid scratching or otherwise damaging your floor, always use the vacuum’s soft brush attachment instead of the beater bar. There’s a need to clean more frequently than once a week if you’re bringing in a lot of grime from outside activities (such muddier gardening or trips to the beach, for example).

When spills happen, you must act immediately to absorb the liquid. Allowing standing pools of liquid could damage your flooring and possibly remove the protective layer. Even worse, it can leak through the joints and harm the surface’s foundation. Until the wetness is gone, absorb it with a fresh, dry towel or sponge.

How to Get Candle Wax Off Laminate Floor?

Many homeowners prefer laminate flooring over carpets because of its realistic wood-like texture and finish. It is also far less expensive than natural wood and much simpler to install and maintain.

Collect the tools and equipment, such as paper towels, plastic putty knives, and laminate floor cleaning, that are required for this procedure. When you have all of your materials, use your plastic putty knife to remove any built-up wax from your laminate floor. When cleaning this, you must use a plastic putty knife rather than a metal one because the latter will leave unsightly scrapes everywhere.

Start scraping the floor with your putty knife after placing it flat on the surface. You avoid leaving scrapes on your laminate floor, make sure to scrape in a single path and avoid gouging the putty knife’s handle.

Once most of the wax has been removed, spray the targeted area with laminate flooring cleaning. After waiting a few minutes, grab your putty knife and cover it with a paper towel. And then thoroughly wipe the area. In this manner, you can apply a little bit more pressure.

What Are the Alternatives Ways to Remove Candle Wax Laminate Flooring?

  • Wash the wax with soap and water

Start by soaking the wax in soapy water. We don’t want to use too much soap and make it harder to clean the wax off your laminate floor in the future. Instead, sprinkle a small amount on the ground and spread it around with your fingertips. The wax will become more pliable, making cleanup later easier.

  • Try a solvent for dry cleaning

Candle wax can be difficult to remove from laminate flooring, but a dry cleaning solution can assist. Be careful when handling the solvent and make sure you’re working somewhere with plenty of ventilation.

An old towel or rag should be dipped in dry cleaning solvent before being used to rub the wax until it is gone. In the event that this fails, you might have to first apply water to the wax before using the dry cleaning agent.  If the wax is stubborn, you might try scrubbing it with an abrasive sponge before applying a dry cleaning solvent.

  • Wax removal with olive oil

Apply some olive oil to the wax to remove it. This approach could be the most straightforward. Olive oil should be applied on an old paper towel. It should easily come up if you use it to wipe the wax off of your flooring.

  • Attempt an ice cube

Taking a few ice cubes out of the freezer, placing them on top of the wax stain, and then scraping the wax up with a spoon are other methods for removing wax. For tiny stains, it works wonders.

  • Use nail polish remover or acetone

Using acetone or nail polish remover is the simplest method for getting wax off a laminate floor. One of these solutions should be applied to the wax, allowed to dissolve, and then wiped off. The wax’s resin is easily removed with acetone or nail polish remover.

  • Use a scrub brush to scrub the wax

Scrubbing the area with a scrub brush and some soapy water is a simple approach to get rid of candle wax from a laminate floor. Start by sprinkling some soap on the floor of the waxed area. To remove the wax, use a scrub brush or an old toothbrush.

Once the wax has been loosened, massage the area with the scrub brush back and forth with your hands. When you’ve mostly removed it, give it one last once-over with a dry cloth or paper towel to make sure all of the leftovers are gone.

How to Wash a Laminate Floor

Every floor needs to be cleaned occasionally due to dogs, muddy footprints, and ordinary accidents. Once a month, or whenever you notice stains or marks gathering, should be the time for a thorough laminate floor cleaning. 

Prepare a bucket of clean, warm water by adding a teaspoon of dishwashing or baby shampoo. Alternately, use specialized laminate cleaning; however, avoid oil-based cleaners as they may leave streaks on your floor. Check the bottle’s instructions, and if you’re still unclear, conduct a test on a discrete area of the floor.

Mop the floor using a flat mop that has been soaked in the solution (microfiber mops are often used because they are delicate and gentle) so that the surface is only barely damp. By frequently wringing dry your mop or, if it’s microfibre, making sure it’s only moist rather than dripping, you may prevent puddles. Use a dry mop or microfiber cloth to sweep the floor to ensure there is no water left behind.

How to Polish Your Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is created from heat-pressed wood fibers, despite having the appearance and texture of ordinary wood flooring. It is more affordable than real wood flooring and is also long-lasting and simple to install. Making a good DIY floor polish is straightforward.

500cl of warm water, two teaspoons of vegetable oil, and one tablespoon of white vinegar should all be combined in a bucket. Spray the bottle with the contents in it after giving it a good shake. Avoid getting the floor overly wet as you squirt water on it. Section by section, polish the surface to a shine with a microfiber cloth.

Best Laminate Floor Cleaners

  1. Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner

Laminate floors can be damaged by paw prints, slobber, and even accidents from pets. You’ll need a cleaning solution that can remove pet stains while yet being gentle on your laminate flooring. Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner is an enzymatic cleaner made to dissolve organic material that creates stains and odors without harming the laminate floors’ polish or looks.

You may apply this ready-to-use mixture right to your flooring. If required, repeat wiping with a mop or cleaning cloth. No rinsing is required after cleaning with Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner, saving you time and effort while protecting your laminate flooring from unnecessary moisture damage.


  • Safe for both houses and pets
  • Preserve the natural floor finish
  • Removes stains and orders


  • Expensive


Although it can be challenging, wax removal is not impossible. Thanks to these easy-to-follow steps, you may finally get rid of the candle wax that has been accumulating on your laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring can be cleaned again with paint thinner or mineral spirits if wax remains after using other methods. Protect yourself from potential irritations by donning goggles and gloves and maintaining adequate airflow. With this knowledge, you can maintain the cleanliness and radiance of your laminate floor.

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