How To Make a Pistol Display Stand

How To Make a Pistol Display Stand – Pistol display stands are the best way to showcase your collection of collectible pistols and revolvers to your friends and family members or when you wish to sell them off in the future. Displaying them in an organized manner makes people want to buy these products even if they are not weapon collectors themselves.

How To Make a Pistol Display Stand

You may think that making pistol display stands yourself would be difficult but trust us it’s not, as long as you have some basic carpentry skills along with some time you can make one by yourself. In this article, we will tell you how to make a pistol display stand at home step by step.


How To Make a Pistol Display Stand

Materials Required:

There are many variations of these stands but for our particular needs, we will need three pieces of 1/4 plywood and six hardwood dowels.

For those that have never worked with wood and are wondering what a dowel is, it’s nothing more than a long rod of wood, usually softer types such as pine or fir.As a suggestion, purchase 6 – 2 x 3 x 3/8 (inches) raw walnut square dowels from any local Home Depot store.

They should be already sanded on one side so all you had to do is round off their corners with some light sandpaper. Other wood can be used such as balsa or bass but keep in mind these will require thicker material and may need additional support or bracing to strengthen them.

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You’ll also need a few small screws and nails along with a drill bit designed for drilling into wood. Most any type of screwdriver will work fine though you’ll want to have a drill handy if you’re going to use screws instead of nails. You’ll also want at least two clamps or C clamps (if you don’t know what they are, just ask someone who works with wood) since they come in handy when gluing things together.

And finally, you’ll want some glue suitable for bonding wood together like Titebond III which is waterproof and has an extended open time so you can easily spread it around before clamping things down tight until dry.


Step 1: Take apart the box

Empty Boxes are available at any store that sells office supplies. Make sure you buy something sturdy enough to hold your guns. You can use any kind of box you’d like, just remember to take note of how big it is and where each of your holes are going to be so that you can recreate it when you’re finished.

Also, remember not to throw away or damage anything that will be used for later use. Use a box cutter or scissors so you don’t crush or tear through any part of your box. And remember, safety first! Always wear protective eye wear and gloves when handling sharp objects such as knives and box cutters. Once your have cut all holes out, remove all packing tape from both sides and wash it with warm water.


Step 2: Glue the pieces together using wood glue

Apply wood glue around three sides of one side of plywood board, and join it with other plywood board. Do not apply any glue on fourth side (lengthwise).

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Leave it for drying. This will give you an open look at bottom side of plywood board. Leave it for drying overnight. Now it is ready for painting work. Spray paint all over with bright color and allow drying thoroughly.


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Step 3: Create Pistol Stand for Displaying Hand Guns

In step 3 you need to check if your gun is assembled and ready for display. Next, we will do some re-enforcement on our plywood sheets using plexiglass sheets so that we can use them as a sign holder.

Ensure that you cut out holes on top of your plywood sheets for mounting them with nails or screws. You can easily obtain these plexiglass sheets from hardware stores or home improvement shops for almost nothing. These will provide extra strength and protection to your boards when attached through screws and not just held by nails alone.


Step 4: Use rope to create stands

Attach the rope loop at one end of one strand to an eye screw on each side of your rack. To do so, thread one strand through its associated eye screw and then through its partner’s.

After you have completed attaching all four strands,tie them together and you will now have four stands attached to your gun rack. Cut off any excess rope ends. You can also use nails or screws instead of ropes if desired.


Step 5: Paint your Hand Gun Stand black

Paint your completed frame black. This will allow it to better blend into your home. You may want to give it several coats of paint, but be sure that you allow each coat of paint to dry completely before applying another layer.

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The top shelf is not designed to hold anything heavy, so don’t place too much weight on it or else you might have issues with breaking or chipping paint.


Step 6: Show it off

It is important that you show off your creation. No matter how good your work is, no one will know about it unless you tell them. Try submitting pictures of your work to relevant discussion boards, creating videos showcasing your work and promoting yourself on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Make sure you include detailed instructions so others can replicate what you have done. You may even be able to start an online business selling customized display stands for others; if there is enough demand for what you are doing, others will probably be willing to pay for something like that. If nothing else, just having other people look at it (and hopefully appreciate it) will probably feel pretty good!


Other ways you can use gun stands

Gun stands are sometimes used for jewelry display and even clothing! If you’re looking for something different, consider getting some gun stands and using them as novel ways to show off your favorite pieces.Gun stands can also be used as bookends or shelf supports if you want additional support while organizing your home or office. Keep in mind that larger guns may not fit into these small glass compartments.



In summary, making a pistol display stand is fairly simple. It takes only six steps, minimal cost and can be done by anyone with basic tooling skills. Havingsuch stands is also essential to any gun enthusiast’s collection of arms, as it keeps them safe and makes them easily accessible when you want to use or show them off.

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