Lust Epidemic Apk Game Download

Lust Epidemic Apk Game App Download – For Android, download Lust Epidemic APK. In Lust Epidemic Mod Apk, you play as Brad, an East State University student who finds himself stranded in rival campus Saint Dame University due to a cyclone that unexpectedly strikes your town.


Lust Epidemic Apk Game App Download

While exploring the ancient and scary school grounds, you’ll discover numerous mysteries and secrets, as well as have some sexual fun with some fantastic MILFS!

Lust Epidemic Apk Game App Download

About Lust Epidemic Apk Game App

Do you want to get Lust Epidemic Game for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux?

If you’ve played any kind of visual novel role-playing game before, you should try this one as well, because it includes fantastic high-quality graphics, a storyline about school life, and many other features that I’ve listed below.

The Lust Epidemic game was released two years ago, and in that time, the game developer has added many interesting storylines, new characters, missions, and other features to it.

The game is all about Brad, a male characters, a student who attended Dame University in East State during a cyclone that abruptly shifted course and struck the town.

Throughout his school life, he discovers several mysterious facts regarding his college teachers and his university’s principal.

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Also, during his student life, he has some sensual fun with his college instructors; if you want to be a part of this story or know everything, make sure to play the game.

You will discover many new fantastic things in this latest version of the Lust Epidemic game, so if you have already played the game, make sure to check it out on any of your devices.

If you’ve ever played a visual novel, you should give this one a shot because, like most other games, it offers high-quality visuals, a tale about college life, and a slew of additional features that I’ve listed below.


Features of Lust Epidemic Apk Game App

If you truly want to appreciate this game and learn about all of the fantastic and cool features of the Lust Epidemic, I  recommend that you read the page below where I listed all of the amazing characteristics of this game.

The most recent version for all devices.
The final and most recent version of this game was released on November 15, 2019, and since then, not a single update has been provided by the device of this game. However, in the feature, you can expect a new update that has a new plot, missions, characters, and many other things.

But, for the time being, you can get the most recent version of this game for free from our website, and the greatest part is that the most recent version of this game can be played on all systems such as Windows, Android, Linux, and Apple Mac.

  • MOD features such as the Cheat menu.
    Those who want to finish the game as soon as possible should use the cheat menu option, which allows the user to use several types of hacks while playing the game.You may finish any quest, increase game money, unlock any game item, and much more by using the cheat menu.
  • Graphics of the highest quality for all devices.
    This game may be a year old, but believe me when I say that the graphics are still excellent and appear realistic on all devices. If you are playing the game on a high-quality screen, you should set the graphics to high to enjoy the wonderful graphics without any problems.
  • New missions have been added.
    The full edition of the Lust Epidemic game features many objectives and a wonderful plot, and if you played the earlier version, you will undoubtedly enjoy the final version.The current and final edition of this game contains a number of wonderful features, the best of which is the MOD menu, which, as previously said, can be used to finish any type of assignment, boost game money, and unlock game stuff.
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Lust Epidemic Apk Game App Screenshot

Lust Epidemic Apk Game App DownloadLust Epidemic Apk Game App Download

Lust Epidemic Apk Game App DownloadLust Epidemic Apk Game App Download

Lust Epidemic Apk Game App Information

Version v3.6.1
Size 4.1 GB
Downloads 50M+
Released on 01-May-2021
Updated on 22-Jun-2021
Offered by Maleo


Download Lust Epidemic Apk Game App



How to Download Lust Epidemic for Android, Mac, PC, and Linux?

NLT Media, the game’s creator, produced this game for all types of platforms, which means that if you have an Android device, you can easily play the game.

You may get the game for free from our website, complete with MOD features such as limitless money, unlocked, and many more.

To download the game,

  • Click the Download button that corresponds to your device.
  • Wait for the download link to be generated.
  • When the link is ready, click on it.
  • The game file will now begin to download on your device.


Installing Lust Epidemic Apk on Android, PC, Mac, and Linux

You may easily install the game on your Android or other devices after downloading it from our site or any other third-party site.

Follow the first step if you want to install the game on your Android smartphone; otherwise, follow the second step if you want to install the game on Windows.

To install the game on an Android device,


  1. Locate the downloaded game Apk in the file manager.
  2. Now, double-click the Apk file and then the install button.
  3. Wait for the game to install on your device.
  4. You can play the game once it has been installed on your device.
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To install the game on a Windows device,


  1. On your Windows device
  2. launch File Explorer.
  3. Look for the game file that you downloaded.
  4. Extract the zip file by right-clicking on it.
  5. Double-click LustEpidemic after opening the Extracted file.
  6. Your game will now start up and you can play it.

When did the most recent edition of Lust Epidemic become available?

The latest version of the Lust Epidemic game, v.61042, was launched on April 17th, 2019, and you can download it from our site. You can also obtain all of the MOD features, such as limitless money, unlocked quests, and much more.

Can I play Lust Epidemic without an Internet connection?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the game on your device, you won’t need to connect it to the internet because it’s a completely offline game that doesn’t require an internet connection.

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