Shark Steam Mop S3601 Not Steaming

The steaming issue is among the most often reported cases by Shark steam mop users. When the mop is overused or neglected to be cleaned frequently, it stops producing steam.

If your Shark Steam Mop reservoir is empty, there will be no steam, so check this before you panic. Before beginning any troubleshooting techniques, wait 30 seconds after filling the tank to the fill line to allow the mop to heat up and generate steam.

What May Cause Shark Steam Mop S3601 Not Steaming

It’s crucial to conduct home troubleshooting before concluding that your steam mop is broken. Over the years, I have encountered many issues with steam mops, which I will share with you in the hopes that they can help.

Blocked Nozzle

When steam mopping with rough water, regularly clean your mop. Mineral compounds won’t be able to clog the system as a result of it. For the steam cleaner, most manufacturers advise only using pure water. In most cases, a blocked nozzle is the result of disregarding this instruction. 

Shark Steam Mop S3601 Not Steaming

Usually, calcium is released as hard water warms up. It builds up and clogs the steam jets due to the pressure’s movement of the material. Suppose mineral deposits are the source of the obstruction. In that case, you’ll need a descaling pin (often any long pin will serve) and possibly a decalcifying solution like CLR, Lime-A-Way, or highly concentrated white vinegar.

Verify The Tank Is Filled With Water

The tank’s shortage of water is another frequent issue. I discovered that if you’re pressed for time, you might skip filling the tank to the required level and head downstairs to commence cleaning right away. Without water, the appliance won’t produce steam, ending the cleaning operation.

In fact, since there is no water to heat, running an empty steam mop risks damaging the machine and nullifying your guarantee.

Because of this, if your steam mop isn’t steaming, make sure there is enough water in it, plug it in, and give it enough time to warm the water to the proper temperature so that steam can be formed.

Bent Water Intake Tube

As you fill the water tank, be careful around the water intake tube. To ensure the tube reaches the tank’s bottom, if it is bent, straighten it out. If your Shark steam mop isn’t steaming, these easy adjustments might help.

If your specific Shark steam mop features a steam-locking collar like those found on the Steam and Spray models, set it to the “Steam and Spray” position rather than the “Spray Only” option.

Insufficient Heating of the Water

If you are rushing, you can start cleaning without first ensuring the water in the mop is hot enough. Let the steam mop heat the water to about 100°C (212°F). This water’s properties include killing germs and producing enough steam to thoroughly clean most surfaces.

Element of Heating

Your steamer’s heating element has likely failed if you’ve done all the necessary checks, but it’s still not working. It sounds like a boiling kettle when the steamer is turned on. If your Shark steamer doesn’t make this sound, use a continuity meter to check the heating element.

Check this by turning off your mop and taking it apart as directed by the manufacturer. Recognize the two cables joining the heat source to the boiling tank. Utilize a millimetre to test the connections. Resistance measurements between 20 and 50 ohms are indicative of an element that is operating appropriately. The aspect has to be replaced if there is any divergence. Contact a specialist if you cannot complete all of these tasks.

Internal Mineral Deposits

Primarily if you reside in a region with hard water, calcium and mineral formations may gradually accumulate within the water tank and in the nozzle of your Shark steam mop. Steam flow is impeded by mineral deposits.

Empty the tank of water in your Shark steam cleaner to decalcify it. White vinegar and water should be added in equal parts to the tank. One hour should pass while the cap is open. Rinse the tank twice with fresh water after draining it or until the vinegar smell goes away. This ought to have your Shark steam mop steaming once more. When vinegar is in the tank of the Shark steam mop, do not turn it on.

Water Leakage or Steam Leakage

Because of pressure buildup, steam cleaning devices discharge steam. Your steam mop won’t produce steam if there is a leak in the system that allows that pressure to escape. You could have a pressure drop in your steam mop for a variety of reasons. An ill-fitting bottom cap is one of them. It may result in either little pressure or no steam produced by the mop.

Methods for Preventing Continuing Steam Failures

Shark Steam Mop S3601 Not Steaming

Maintaining your steam mop according to the manufacturer’s instructions and care manual is the best way to avoid future malfunctions. In addition, the following advice will help you maintain your steam mop in top shape so that you don’t have any issues with it not releasing steam when you’re working on a crucial cleaning project.

  • Use only distilled water to avoid blockages: Make sure to only use distilled water to prevent blockages. The impurities in this water, like calcium, which typically cause blockages, are absent. Calcium can easily block the nozzle over time because hard water contains it.
  • Maintain frequent steam mop cleanings: The cleaning procedure entails clearing the floor of any and all debris. All of these, then, have the potential to clog your mop’s nozzle. Cleaning your mop after each use will help you avoid this. A little vinegar, occasionally, can be added to your mopping solution to help prevent buildup.

The Shark Steam S3601 Cleaner Won’t Turn On

If your Shark steam mop doesn’t switch on, make sure it is inserted into the wall socket correctly and that the socket is in good working order. Try a different wall socket if the steam cleaner still won’t turn on. Remember that a Shark steam mop should only be safely connected to a 120V AC socket.

Check your breaker or fuse. Go to the electrical service panel for your home, which is typically a gray metal box on an inside wall of your home garage, next to your exterior electric meter. Check if a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped by opening the service panel’s door. If so, switch the breaker back on or swap out the fuse.

Cloudy Finish After Using Shark Steam Mop S3601

Following the use of the Shark steam mop, the floors may develop clouds, streaks, or spots for one of four reasons:

The microfiber pad is filthy. If the microfiber cleaning pad is dirty, replace it immediately. The cleaning pad could be destroyed if you washed it with powder detergent. Replacing mop pads is what you need to do right now.

You overstayed your Shark steam mop’s cleaning time limit. Don’t overstay your Shark steam mop’s cleaning time limit to prevent cloudy, streaky, or spotty floors.

You’re using tap water, which may or may not have extra calcium, magnesium, or potassium, based on where you reside. The deposits created by these minerals in hard water might result in hazy, streaky, or patchy floors. You may want to convert to distilled water later on.

Cleaners that have been used in the past and left behind residue on the floor could be the cause of this. The residue is usually removed with one or more rinses. If the remaining cloudiness hasn’t been eliminated, try using the Shark steam mop a few more times. If this doesn’t work, we advise giving the floor a thorough water rinse, allowing it to air dry, and then steam cleaning it once more using a fresh pad.

White Stain On The Floor After Using Shark Steam Mop S3601

If your Shark steam mop is left stationary for an extended period or the water tank is filled with hard water, a white spot will appear on the floor. That white smear is frequently left by tap water. In essence, it’s condensation that has become trapped.

Use undiluted white vinegar on one end of a towel to damp it, then use the towel to wipe away the white stain your Shark steam mop left behind. Wipe the vinegar off the floor by wetting the towel’s opposite end with water. Once it has dried, the vinegar smell will disappear.

In the future, avoid staying on the floor with your Shark steam mop and a moist or wet cleaning pad for an extended period. Change to distilled water if you are currently drinking tap water. Ensure that the water tank’s cap is fastened firmly.

Final Remarks

The likelihood of your machine not steaming will decrease if you take care of it. The best method to maintain your steamer, so it continues to function at its peak for a long time is to follow the care instructions in the user manual. The user guides provided by Shark are simple to read and contain plenty of clear illustrations.

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