Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Toshiba Tv Buzzing Sound

The electrical cords in the interior or exterior components of the Toshiba TV expand and contract. At the same time, it usually operates, which causes a buzzing sound when the TV is turned on or off.

The buzzing sounds might occasionally be caused by a loose connection between a TV and its external speakers.

What Causes Buzzing Noises In Toshiba TV

Starting the Toshiba TV

When a television receives power, electrical cables inside the device expand and compress, creating a buzzing sound. The television expands upon receiving power, and as a result, other components, such as the fan, begin to push air, creating noise inside the TV.

When a Toshiba television is turned on and off, those are the first two times a buzzing sound is heard. It is typical for the TV to buzz when turned on and off because this is how it verifies that it is operating. Therefore, you need not be concerned if the TV buzzes when it turns on or switches.

The Air Vents Are Becoming Dirtier

The fan always makes a buzzing noise when moving air in and out of the Toshiba TV. The air vents become clogged with dirt over time, making it impossible for cool air to enter the system and warm air to exit.

As a result, the TV buzzes as the atmosphere tries to enter the system. When the fan works hard to move air through the vents, it occasionally emits a buzzing sound.

Toshiba Tv Buzzing Sound

Cleaning the dust that collects and picking up other material with your fingertips will help lessen the Toshiba TV’s buzzing noise. Always clear the dust from the air vents with a piece of cloth or cotton wool.

If the air vents aren’t cleaned, the TV will buzz more and sustain additional damage, making it impossible for you to watch TV in peace.

Fixing The Toshiba TV To Sturdy Surfaces

The user may continue to worry about what to do if the Toshiba TV is installed on hard surfaces like glass, wall brackets, or wooden surfaces because the noise it makes interferes with daily activities.

The Toshiba TV makes a noise when it first turns on due to vibrations brought on by the expansion of the TV’s cables and other parts. Due to the complexity of the hard surfaces, the TV cannot be held firmly, which results in a loud buzzing sound when it is operating.

Use soft, spongy materials to fix the Toshiba TV and stop the buzzing. The television can’t move when it vibrates, which helps it adhere to the surface. Rubber surfaces, which are a part of the spongy surfaces, offer a secure location to set and hold the television.

Including External Speakers When Using The TV

To increase TV volume, most people connect their televisions to external speakers. However, this practice can result in the TV buzzing because of the connection cables. A weak link between the speaker and the TV is what is causing the noise coming through the cords.

When connecting a speaker to a television, the link between them makes a buzzing sound when it is open, and if the connection is used frequently, the buzzing sound becomes louder.

To minimize noise, it is best to avoid connecting external devices to the television or, if necessary, make sure the connections are secure.

Faulty Electrical Cables

The Toshiba television’s power cords connect the TV to the power source, which then supplies electricity to the TV’s internal components, allowing the TV to function. On the other hand, the wires will give the television less energy when they are defective or, occasionally, not at all.

The Toshiba television makes an odd buzzing noise because it starts and stops abruptly from the less power it contains. This process can go on continuously.

Any time there is a problem with a cable, including a power cable, it is essential to replace it immediately because delaying will only worsen the system’s overall harm.

How to Fix a Toshiba TV’s Buzzing Noise in Steps

It takes a small amount of time to finish the steps to fix a Toshiba TV’s buzzing issue. However, it is advisable to analyze the Toshiba television to see if there are any additional sources of faults with the TV and identify the precise areas that need correction before beginning anything about fixing.

You continue the troubleshooting procedure after identifying the problem regions. The steps to repairing a buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV are listed below.

  • Isolate the Toshiba television from the primary power source by unplugging all electrical wires.
  • To access the inner components, carefully undo all the screws supporting the cover panel.
  • Remove the screws holding the inner components, including the fan, for inspection.
  • Gently examine any issues they have and replace them as necessary. Some of the components are usable and need only minor repairs.
  • Find any dusty air filters and clean them by removing the dust using alcohol-based cleaners that won’t cause rust on the metal surfaces.
  • After inspecting and cleaning all of the internal parts of the television, put them back together with each component properly.
  • To check the success of the repair, turn on the Toshiba television.
  • In the settings menu, lower the contrast setting for the images because a high contrast setting makes the television buzz when it is operating.
  • Call a specialist to initially fix the television if the buzzing noise doesn’t go away.

Connecting Outside Speakers To A Buzzing Toshiba TV

Outdoor speakers are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heat, cold, dampness, and dirt. They frequently include sturdy materials and waterproof enclosures. Any audio source can be played over outdoor speakers, including TV audio.

For instance, if you connect your external speakers to a TV, you may watch the big game at the barbecue or listen to a TV symphony while working in the garden.

Step 1: Find the audio on your television. Your TV’s rear or side must have the output. Both a white port and a red connection are present in the production.

Step 2: Find the audio setting on your receiver that allows you to use external speakers. Sound input should be red and white, much like the TV output. Some listeners may access several audio inputs, including TV, AUX, CDs, DVDs, and tapes. Despite the titles, you can arrange your connected devices using any of your TV’s sound inputs.

Step 3: In your audio output and your outdoor speaker’s audio input with an RCA cable. RCA wires are color-coded for device connection to prevent confusion. Ensure that the cable’s and the port’s colors coincide. You might need a long RCA connection if the TV and outdoor speaker are far apart.

Step 4: Select the program you want to watch on your TV.

Step 5: Power on your auxiliary speaker system and select the port to which your TV is connected. The names directly above the inputs at the recipient’s back correspond to the inputs you can choose. For instance, when your TV is connected to the AUX entry, you may select AUX entry primarily on the receiver.

Step 6: Change the outside speaker’s volume so you can clearly hear your TV’s audio.

The Best Way To Soft Reset A Toshiba TV

When your Toshiba TV starts buzzing, you should soft reset it first to eliminate any momentary faults. The steps for resetting are:

  • Using the power button on your TV remote to switch off your TV
  • 60 seconds should pass.
  • The reset procedure is finished when you turn on your Toshiba TV once more by hitting the power button on the remote.

The Best Way To Hard Reset A Toshiba TV

You should try a hard reset again if the soft reset doesn’t resolve the high-pitched sound issue with your Toshiba TV. The simple methods are:

  • On the Toshiba TV remote control, select the Home button.
  • Use your remote to choose Settings and then press the down arrow.
  • Select “Device and Software” and then click “Ok.”
  • Reset the factory defaults by going to that page.
  • Press “ok” to accept this selection.
  • Wait until the TV’s factory reset is finished. The TV’s stored data and memories will be deleted along with all the faults and bugs.


When turning on a Toshiba TV, buzzing noises are frequent owing to inevitable factors, including the expansion of power cables inside the TV after getting power and the fan, which kicks on as soon as the TV turns on and instantly begins drawing cool air in and warm air out.

As mentioned above, the article details why a Toshiba TV makes a buzzing noise and potential fixes. The noise includes clogged air vents, broken fan parts, and typical TV noises. There are various procedures you can follow to stop the noise.

Additionally, remember that the Toshiba TV requires excellent handling due to the risk of screen damage from carelessness. To prevent mending parts that do not need repair and to have other replaceable tools on hand for faulty parts, handle the machine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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