Vizio Sound Bar Crackling Bluetooth

If your soundbar is turned on, does it also create a strange crackling noise? Have you had to turn the entire setup off because it is so annoying? Checking your soundbar for problems can be helpful if you also hear cracking or something similar.

When using a wireless connection, soundbar cracking is typical. If nothing else works, try wiring your soundbar to your television instead of using a wireless connection to eliminate the annoying cracking noise.

Why Does My Vizio Soundbar Sound Like It’s Cracking?

Poor connections, interference from other devices, or corroded solders inside the soundbar are the causes of the crackling sounds that soundbars create.

A Bad Connection

The most frequent reason for the soundbar’s crackling noise is this. There are several connections connecting your speaker driver to your amplifier. The driver may shift abruptly if any wire is doing so, resulting in a weak connection and a crackling sound.

Vizio Sound Bar Crackling Bluetooth

Several Connections Issue

It can be challenging to resolve the interference brought on by a connection issue. Multiple cables or components of the device may occasionally experience a faulty connection. While a connection issue with a single wire is simpler to identify, others are particularly challenging.

Internal Soundbar Issues

Solders occasionally need to be repaired because of normal wear and tear. Poor connection within the device is another frequent issue creating a crackling sound from the soundbar. The solution is as simple as reconnecting cables once you’ve located the problem.

How Can We Get The Vizio Soundbar To Stop Crackling?

The following are a few tried-and-true methods for troubleshooting the soundbar that can stop it from crackling:

Maintain Silence On The Soundbar Premises

The soundbar may occasionally start to shake due to signals from other devices. To prevent such interruptions, try putting any tablets, phones, or other electrical devices away from the soundbar. Turn off the electronic devices for a bit to check if the problem persists or not or if any of them cannot be uninstalled.

Recheck The Connections

First, turn off the TV and your soundbar if they are connected. Next, cut all of the cords coming into and leaving the device. Next, disconnect the HDMI, optical, or other connection used by both devices.

Connect them back together, and then turn the equipment on. If you’re lucky, it might be able to stop the soundbar’s crackling noise caused by faulty wire connections.

The Subwoofer’s Settings

Try unplugging the soundbar’s subwoofer if it is attached to the setup as well. Go to the soundbar now and follow the instructions to press and hold the volume down and Bluetooth buttons for 5 seconds. A succession of lights on your soundbar will flash before it turns off.

Reconnect the subwoofer now, then turn the soundbar on. Many of the users’ issues were resolved by this. The cracking sound coming from the soundbar was also reduced by moving the subwoofer closer to it. This works best if your soundbar is connected to a wireless network like Bluetooth.

Move The Soundbar To A Different Location

The last option before fleeing with your soundbar is to try to move it when nothing else seems to be working. If your home has more than one TV, try connecting it to any TV that is located in a different room or upstairs.

The soundbar may occasionally crackle due to a bad connection or interference from a cable or wifi router. Moving this issue can be resolved holistically by moving it, and your soundbar might begin operating normally.

Test Various Audio Sources

Is your soundbar only audibly crackling when the TV or other devices are playing audio? To verify this, switch off your TV and connect your soundbar to another audio source, such as playing music from your smartphone or USB drive. See if the issue is still present.

Suppose the sound from other sources plays without making any cracking noises. In that case, the soundbar and TV connection may be the cause of the issue. Reconnect your soundbar to your TV one more time.

The Wire Connections Should Be Replaced

Your soundbar and TV may be connected via wire, but are the electrical connections old? If so, perhaps it’s time to change them to stop the cracking sound.

You can try utilizing an RCA cable (red and white wire), a coaxial cable, or Bluetooth to connect your TV to a soundbar in the interim. Most of these cables are simple to find at home, so if your soundbar allows for these connections, you can try this alternative.

What Causes Vizio Soundbar To Make a Crackling Noise?

Your amplifier’s wire interactions with the speaker base stations should be checked first. Indications that something has come loose include the wire’s propensity to move around, which is typically caused by a cat or a dog. The connections should be checked even if there is no valid reason for them to have changed. When you discover the problem was quickly fixed, you will feel foolish for moving on.

Additionally, you should examine the speaker’s internal connections. A solder might need to be fixed since it malfunctioned while in operation. You might be able to solve the issue based on your skills. The truth is that once discovered, a poor connection will be apparent, and fixing it is always as easy as tightening a slack wire.

How Can I Stop My Vizio Soundbar From Buzzing?

You can try to stop your Vizio soundbar from buzzing by inspecting for loose connections, using different cables, changing the cords, performing a factory reset, reviewing other devices, or playing multiple contents.

Turn off your soundbar and then unhook all the power lines to check for any loose connections. Clean the cords before reconnecting them thoroughly.

Try Different Cables: Whether your soundbar includes a different wire, like an HDMI, you can try replacing the worn chord with the new cable to see if the buzzing sound is still present.

Replace the Cords: You must purchase a new cord if any of the existing ones are damaged. Most internet retailers, as well as your neighborhood electronics store, carry soundbar cords.

Technical settings can occasionally cause a whistling or buzzing noise in your soundbar. To fix this, perform a factory reset. You can reset your soundbar to factory default using the instructions in the user manual to fix this problem.

Examining Additional Equipment: As I’ve already indicated, the issue can originate from the TV and soundbar you have connected. See if the buzzing sound has disappeared by plugging your soundbar into different gadgets.

Play Different Content: You can consider playing some other stuff to see if the problem is fixed because the material you are listening to could be the culprit.

You might think about getting in touch with your soundbar brand’s customer care staff if none of the previous options are successful. They can help you with this problem depending on the soundbar’s model number.

How Do I Stop My Soundbar From Popping?

Vizio Sound Bar Crackling Bluetooth

You might try reconnecting the wires, doing a factory reset, or changing the wire to stop the popping sounds coming from your soundbar.

Reconnect the Cables

This is the easiest hack that everyone may use at home. You must turn off your soundbar before disconnecting any cords to reattach them. Reconnect them all to the proper ports and listen to see if the popping sound has disappeared.

Try a Factory Reset

The second hack is the factory reset, which you can try if a weak connection is not the issue.

You just need to follow the instructions in the user manual because your soundbar model may require a different approach. After you’re done, check to see if the popping sound is still present.

Replacement of Wire

Finally, you might need to repair the soundbar’s damaged cables if none of those, as mentioned earlier, workarounds succeed. Use an alternative wire to determine which wire has to be replaced before making the replacement.

All of the techniques mentioned above are pretty successful at reducing soundbars’ popping noise. If none work for you, the best option would be to contact your soundbar brand’s customer service and let them handle it. You might be eligible for a free total replacement if your soundbar is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


The primary purpose of soundbar design was to provide robust, accurate bass. Due to the widespread use of flat-screen displays, the use of soundbars has constantly expanded.

In the past, Cathode Ray Tubes were used to power televisions and display devices. Hence the box was more prominent, allowing for larger speakers and better sound. But with today’s flat-panel televisions, the depth of the screen is drastically decreased, leaving little to no area for speakers. The TV’s built-in speakers now have a poor bass response.

Soundbars are electronics, and electronics inevitably experience mechanical or technological issues. Suppose your soundbars generate obtrusive noises like the ones mentioned above. You should now be aware that there is a problem, and the solutions provided above will make fixing the issue extremely straightforward.

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