Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying? Avoid This!

Check to determine if your mop has been fully assembled and if the mop isn’t spraying correctly. Your mop has to be cleared of the refillable cleaner cartridge.

Build up the poles and apply heavy pressure to fully click poles A and B into place. Poles A and B must be secured with a lot of power; otherwise, the spray will not function properly.

Why Isn’t My Bona Mop Spraying, And What Causes This?

There are reasons why the Bona mop is spraying stops. Here are some actions you can take as a top priority:

  • Verify the complete assembly of your Bona spray mop.
  • Take the refilled cleaner cartridge out of the mop.
  • When the A&B poles are assembled, push down forcefully until they click into place.
  • Push the A&B poles firmly. The spray function does not work effectively if the poles are not secured. Here are a few additional typical problems with Bona mop not spraying, though.

Cartridge With Leaks

Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying

When using a mop, people can encounter leaks because the cleaning agent escapes from the cartridge. It may happen when you’re mopping or even while it’s being stored. The fact that the solution spills out could be a design flaw. It is a rare problem that affects very few units.

Streaks Of Leaves

Although the bona mop is excellent for cleaning floors, occasionally, it produces stains. Since this mop is the most incredible option for cleaning wood floors, dark-colored hardwood makes the lines more prominent.

The type of floor affects the streak marks. If you use the mop several times in one spot, some might go away. Yes, if you have to sweep a considerable area, it could become tedious.

Breaks After Prolonged Use

The bona mop is robust and eventually incorporates plastic components. It often beaks after extended use. You can encounter Bona mop spraying problems, such as the trigger connector breaking off entirely or the trigger not functioning at all.

Some issues involve the two poles breaking apart after prolonged usage, rendering the spray feature unusable. But keep in mind that nothing endures forever. It is only a matter of time before tools will start to malfunction. However, this Bona Microfiber cleaning pad is machine washable; however, it cannot be disregarded. No longer must you strain or use unclean hands.

The cleaning pad features a distinctive design with a dual-zone cleaning action in which the blue outer fibers break up filth. The blue light fibers absorb and retain dirt more than 2.5 times as much as the previous Bona microfiber pad version.

Other simple explanations for why a bona mop is not spraying include:

  • The Bona mop’s spray trigger mechanism works well for one spray before jamming. The mechanism or the spray does not return, and it takes a few seconds for them to adjust to their proper positions. The issue may arise from excessive usage of the mechanism, not from the age of the mop. This problem occurs with even brand-new mops that are used often.
  • The easy fix is to remove the refill container and spray WD40 into the crack; you’ll see that the plunger springs back into place after doing this. The spring becomes rusty and sticks as a result.
  • The secret is to spray WD40 into spots where there are refill bottle plugs; this method works. Spraying WD40 on the clog will cause it to clear, and if you quickly pump the trigger afterward, it will function as it did before. The trigger can be depressed a few times, and the spray can be applied where the bottle top would typically go.
  • Another problem with the bona mop is that it either doesn’t spray or does so unevenly. The refilling cartridge’s container, which does not fit snugly into the mop head, is mostly to blame for this. To witness an air bubble rising from the liquid in the container, the container must be pushed firmly within.

Can I Use Bona Mop Cleaner More Frequently?

How frequently should Bona Polish be used? Your floor’s usage will determine how often you use it. Several times a year, you can utilize the collection of specially designed polishes from Bona. However, most homeowners maintain their floors every two to four months.

Developing a regimen is the most superb method for maintaining hardwood floors. To clean wood floors every day, use a brush or hardwood floor mop. Scratches can be prevented by using a microfiber dust mop pre-treated with a dusting chemical to collect dust and grime. You should use your vacuum hardwood floor.

The floor can be thoroughly cleaned with Bona as well as individual spots. Your feet will eventually appear so much better without the residue, albeit they might not be nearly as shining as those other products right away. The floor doesn’t need to be rinsed once you mop it up. Nothing prevents it from appearing.

How Often To Polish Hardwood Floors With Bona Spray Mop?

Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying

You can easily give your hardwood floors more life, beauty, and protection by polishing them. Depending on how many visitors you get in your home, we advise polishing the floors with Bona Hardwood Floor Polish every two to three months. Every three to five years, think about having your flooring refinished.

Excess moisture can soak your wood floor and cause cupping, warping, and long-term damage. Therefore, use the spray bottle to apply Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner rather than pouring it directly from the refill container.

Battery Use With The Bona Spray Mop

To be precise, the Bona Motion mop is equivalent to the original Bona spray mop in every respect except for one: the mop head can be powered by 4 AA batteries placed at the rear of the mop head, which can be activated by pressing a button. Sonic motion thorough cleaning is the term used.

Ensure that the mop is fully assembled if it is not spraying water adequately. Check that the microfiber pad is securely fastened to the mop’s base. Put poles A and B together and press down forcefully until poles A and B are securely in place. Your mop should be empty of the refillable cleaner cartridge.

Is Bona Spray Mop Easy To Use?

Both are set up, and using this mop is straightforward. You won’t have any trouble going, even if you’re used to a conventional string mop. The mop may be put together quickly if you observe the assembly instructions.

Simply pull the trigger to deploy the solution and mop once you’ve set everything up. With Bona microfiber mops, you may reuse the same pad repeatedly without scrubbing it (as long as it isn’t overly unclean), unlike with some mops that call for disposable pads.

When it’s time to clean the mop pad, you must pull it apart and wash it in the washing machine. Despite the mop pad’s reusable ability, I advise purchasing a few spares so you’ll constantly have a clean one on hand.

Does Bona Spray Mop Work Well On Hardwood Floors?

The cleaning capabilities of the Bona Premium Spray Mop will satisfy you if your home has hardwood floors. Unlike typical mops, you won’t need to be concerned about too much water damaging your hardwood floors. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a solution made especially for wood, is lightly misted by the mop.

During my tests, the dispenser sprayed the cleaning agent 30 inches wide and two feet in front of the mop head, giving a good amount of coverage. Your baseboards and furniture are protected from dents and dings by the rubber and flexibility of the mop head sides.

If you need to exert more pressure on stubborn stains or messes, a second grip is available for help. You can reach tricky corners and under furniture, thanks to the mop base’s pivoting design.

Does The Mop Pad Need To Be Washed After Every Use?

It is good to clean the mop head after each usage because it gathers dirt and particles from your floors while cleaning them. However, you could use it for a few more tasks if you’ve only cleaned up a small amount of water or a minor mess before throwing it in the washing machine.

The initial cleaner that is included with the mop should be used; otherwise, any cleaner can be added to the cartridge. Make sure that any item you use is safe for clean floors.

Last Remarks

However, Bona has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed cancellation policy, so if something is genuinely wrong, you can receive a new mop or a full refund. I don’t doubt these complaints, but Bona does.

The Bona Premium Spray Mop is an easy-to-use and dependable tool for maintaining clean floors. Although other spray mops are similar on the market, this one has the best reviews and is the most useful in my tests.

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