Best Ways To Solve Windows 10 Static Screen

Do you have a flashing or flickering Windows 10 or Windows 11 screen? Discover the issue and learn how to fix it by using your computer.

The most likely cause of a constantly flickering Windows 10 or Windows 11 screen is installing a complex application or an inappropriate display driver. You need to stop that obnoxious screen flash. The issue can arise anytime, but it frequently manifests when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or vice versa.

What Causes Window Static Screen?

A static screen’s rainbow lines or patterns can be horizontal or vertical. Either one-half of the screen or the entire screen displays these lines. Numerous things may contribute to the appearance of a static rainbow screen; however, the following are the main ones:

Hardware Issues, For Starters

Windows 10 Static Screen

  1. The rainbow static screen will appear if the display is improperly mounted or physically damaged.
  2. The monitor has a high internal temperature. Heat is the leading cause of the rainbow static screen on a laptop or computer.
  3. Display software that is unstable or flawed. You can infer there is a software issue even if nothing is wrong with the hardware. A flaw or handicap in the display drivers could be brought on by beta upgrades or unstable, bug-ridden software.
  4. Defective adapter connections or damaged ribbon cables. Your screen may flicker in rainbow patterns because of broken ribbon cables and an unreliable adapter connection.
  5. Environments Designed to Help Visually Impaired People.

Windows has a variety of capabilities that can be used to assist people with disabilities, such as color blindness or partial blindness. When the computer starts after being set up for them, the screen will display a rainbow of colors.

How To Fix Windows 10 Static Screen

Solution 1. Remove the Beta Display Update

You can delete the beta display update to correct the rainbow static screen error if you encounter it after installing the beta display upgrade on your laptop or PC. To remove the display driver from your computer, install third-party software like “IOBIT.”

Solution 2: Verify any external settings

Unruly children and animals will occasionally damage the computer screen and other cords. Therefore, you must examine the monitor and wires.

You can resolve the rainbow static screen issue by tightening the wires if the cables cause the rainbow fixed screen. However, you might decide to replace your screen if it is damaged.

Solution 3: Reset Or Restore Your Computer

You can factory reset your computer or recover it to a time when the screen was generally operating if you can’t locate any incorrect settings on it.

To restart a computer:

  • Select Settings after clicking the Start button.
  • Click Recovery after selecting Update & Security.
  • Select Get started from the Reset this PC menu.
  • After selecting Keep my files, pick a method for reinstalling Windows.
  • Turn on Preinstalled applications. The machine will then save your stuff and reinstall Windows.

However, all the programs you installed and the settings you modified will be erased. Only the apps that the maker of your PC installed will be kept. Your PC can be fixed by:

  • In the search box that appears when you click the Search button on the taskbar, type “control panel.”
  • Search for “recovery” in the Control Panel.
  • Then click Open System Restore after selecting Recovery.
  • Select Next in the box labeled Restore system files and settings.
  • Then click Scan for impacted programs after choosing the desired restore point from the results list.

When you erase this restore point, a list of files that will be erased appears. Select Finish after clicking Next and Close if you’re satisfied with the removals.

Solution 4. Speak With Skilled Maintenance Personnel

Taking it to a manufacturer or specialist for technical repair is the best way to resolve computer difficulties. Their extensive expertise in computer repair allows them to minimize your computer’s risk of further harm.

Why Do Static Rainbow Screens Appear?

The justifications for a static rainbow screen are as random as possible. The physical problems with the hardware are the most frequent causes. The screen may appear warped and color-striped if the hardware is improperly connected, physically harmed, or overheated. In the past, the issue was more prevalent on CRT monitor screens, but now that LED panels are increasingly prevalent, the rainbow color stripes are less widespread.

Software updates or driver upgrades can also correct rainbow striations caused by software. Computer screens frequently have vertical rather than horizontal stripes. The vertical and horizontal lines might both have the same pattern.

Getting Rid Of A Window Static Screen

Here, we offer you several tips and fixes that you can use if rainbow stripes appear on your computer screen. Some of these techniques rely on hardware, whereas others depend on software and drivers. To get your screen usually working again, you could attempt variations of these solutions.

Check The Hardware Manually

Checking your hardware manually is the first step when experiencing rainbow stripes. The first thing to check is if your monitor is overheating; CRT monitors are especially prone to this. If your monitor is getting too hot, shut down your computer, let it cool, and then switch it back on.

Rainbow stripes should be eliminated immediately, but if they come back or continue, try various solutions. Without any display signals, some monitors display rainbow static screens. Verify that the source is sending the display signals to your monitor.

Windows 10 Static Screen

You should also examine your cable management. If your monitor is connected to your computer via an HDMI connection, try connecting it in any other way to check if the rainbow still appears. Try toggling between the HDMI and VGA display outputs, often found on newer motherboards. Make sure you fully plug any interfaces other than HDMI, such as VGA or Display Port. When using these interfaces, completely tighten the grip screws at both ends of the cable.

Running A Driver Update

An issue exists with your display drivers if you only notice rainbow stripes when your operating system first starts up. Updating the display drivers is the best solution to this problem. To upgrade your display drivers, adhere to the steps below.

  • Right-click the start menu.
  • From the menu, choose Device Manager.
  • You would see the Device Manager window.
  • In the device manager, check for hardware updates.
  • Look in the Display Adapters section.
  • Right-click on the outdated or uninstalled drivers that need to be installed or updated.
  • Select Driver Update/Install.
  • An installer window for device drivers would appear.
  • To automatically search for updated driver software, select that option.
  • It would take some time for the process to locate and install relevant drivers.

When completing the preceding procedures, ensure your internet connection is operational. Having a live link to the repositories is crucial. To find compatible drivers, the installation procedure searches the internet. You could search the internet for the driver and manually install it if the Device Manager could not discover the appropriate driver. However, only download drivers from reputable websites because rogue drivers can seriously harm your computer.

An Overheated GPU

GPU overheating is another potential cause of the rainbow’s static appearance. With using a lot of power to operate, GPUs are energy-hungry machines that also produce a lot of heat as they do so. The cycle continues as the heat that is dissipated raises the temperature of the material, which finally causes the resistance to rise. The GPU may perform strangely, and a rainbow static screen can emerge if the temperatures get too high.

In this situation, the following action is to employ a suitable cooling technique for your GPU, such as a more significant cooling fan or, if required, water cooling the GPU. A real-time GPU load reduction tool can also lower the GPU load when the temperature reaches a predetermined level.

MAC With The Rainbow Static Display

Known for their dependable performance and durability, Apple’s MacBooks are among the best-selling laptops on the market. However, the login page for the MacBook 2017 version is preceded by a rainbow static screen, according to users. There was no hardware problem; this problem was brought on by a software bug in the macOS, which was resolved in a subsequent OSX release.

Try updating your Mac’s operating system to the most recent supported version if you are experiencing the same difficulty; this should immediately resolve the issue.


Rainbows on computer screens can be troublesome and bothersome, and they can appear for any reason at random, owing to software and hardware issues. We have given you enough knowledge and advice in this post to help you fix your difficulties with the rainbow static screen.

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